Second Artista Academy Kickout: Jon Orlando + Julia Quisumbing Drops Out Too!

Monday, August 27, 2012

This just in. It's confirmed that the second Artista Academy Kickout is Jon Orlando. OMFG!

Although I hate to say this but it must be the last performance that did cost him these low grades. The piece was a little awkward. He tried to cry that time but it made him look a little weird and honestly the name he mentioned in that monologue was too corny for convenience. I thought he would still end up in but because of the low text votes, this huge catastrophe struck us all by surprise. 

Aside from that, Julia Quisumbing also had been dropped out of the competition because of her absences. Now that just hurt me twice... Julia, no matter how this ends I'm sure you've got so many things ahead of you. You'll be full time an artist of TV5 and I can't wait what shows are going to be lined up for you! Oh Artista Academy, I only have one bet left in your competition and I hope he'll eventually win this.  
So make sure you guys vote for your favorites, otherwise it'll be the end of them come Final Exams night. Just look at what happened to front runner Jon Orlando when we all thought he was at the head of the pack.

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