Better Alternatives to Chill Spots: Akiba Cafe

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It was a nice Saturday afternoon and what better way to celebrate it by going to the one and only SM Megamall and enjoying great food with friends and family. As a rule, we broke the norm and proceeded to Akiba Cafe. It's a small kiosk in the third floor that features coffee, tea, yogurt, cakes and pastries. If you are on a diet I suggest you look somewhere else... You will get more hungry when you see this!

Ambiance is clean, not so many foot traffic so it is the better alternative to congested coffee shops!

It seems that you are highly suggested to say with something to read available for all its patrons.


Extremely cute and cuddly you've got this Kawaiken Puppy Cake. A vanilla chiffon cake which you can purchase 1200 whole, 130 per slice.

 We had this for starters. Of course desserts come first! The Green Tea Cheesecake retails for 1200 for a whole cake and 130 per slice. This is one of their best sellers!

If you're up to it and you are a sweet tooth they suggest you get one of this crunchy sweet Cream Puff Cake for 1100 whole, and 120 for a slice.


 It's something that would keep you warm inside. This Nutty Macademia Kohi retails for 130 pesos.It's way better than other establishments that's got the same flavor. This was good!

This Mount Fuji Kohi retails for only 140, The difference is this Fuji Kohi is sweeter; but the macadamia is fuller bodied and nuttier!


 Nope, it looks like a beer but it isn't! Trust me on this one because this is my favorite. The Jasmine tea trifle and Macha trifle is pretty, jasmine Is fragrant and  sweet I love it!

 The Macha is smooth, you'll ask for seconds!

These Trifle flavors are all available on their store. All foam and topped with green tea powder, this best seller looks very promising and they've got so many things offered today for SM Megamall's Mega Food Sale!

Ice Blended Yogurt Drinks

Macademia Yogurt is ice blended, Macha yogurt is too. Both drinks retail for 150 for those who love the tangy taste of Yogurt!

You can never go wrong with 100 %Japanese imported ingredients and just look how meticulously they prepared everything right? If you have nothing to do on an afternoon and you feel so stressed with work, this definitely is the place you'll love! It's quiet, you can people watch plus enjoy every bit of it! Japanese hasn't been this good in a while so please visit their store now! Hurry because they've got specials while they celebrate with SM Megamall's last day of the Mega Food Sale, 50 percent off the next trifle you order. That's like buy one, take one! =)

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pusangkalye said...

buti nalang pinost mo pagkokopyahan ako.nyahaha

el toro bumingo said...

Masarap na alternative ba yan sa Red Ribbon at Starbucks? :)