Passion for Greatness: The Bench "Benchingko Films" Red Carpet Premier

Sunday, August 05, 2012

From its humble beginnings, BENCH is now a global brand the Philippines is so proud of! With it's gorgeous roster of local and international endorsers to representations in shows like America's Next Top Model, to collaborations with great world class designers like Randy Ortiz and Rajo Laurel, you can't stop something that is so good!

In celebration of their 25th year in the industry and after a great series of shows in Philippine Fashion Week, this awesome brand global brand just made their silver anniversary extra special via BENCHINGKO FILMS and short films you'll absolutely go crazy about! I got some great photos I'd like to share with you guys from the red carpet premier! Are you ready? =)

Just look at the back draft on the red carpet, the gorgeous Lucy Torres Gomez, the alluring Lovi Poe, Piolo Pascual, Bella Flores and Coco Martin... I'm sure the stars alone would make anyone think what great short films we'll be watching that evening!

I missed to shoot one of the movie posters for Coco Martin's Horsepower. There were more stars who came and supported the short films. They were part of the cast too. It was my first time to see Benjamin Alvez.


Even the sons of the Comedy King was there. Epi Quizon was part of one of the films. He was interviewed quite a lot because this is the first time he came out after his Father's passing.

It was also so nice to see Mr. Ben Chan. He really made it a point to be there and supervise everything. Do you remember the comment I made about his work ethic during the Joe Jonas launch?

He personally did things instead of asking his staff for it, now that probably is his secret for the success of Bench!

Also there were gorgeous models from Philippine Fashion Week, I apologize I couldn't recognize them.

Some good looking bloggers, my friend Paul of PaulthePRGuy with Vern Enciso and Verniece Enciso. Ain't they gorgeous? :)

The place was packed! It was so nice to see BENCH celebrate the whole year and I'm so glad to be part of it!

Then I was floored when they came in!

This isn't the first time I saw Ms. Lucy Torres Gomez but everytime I do, I'm just mesmerized by her beauty. Imagine if your Congresswoman looked like this, the world would be so peaceful! :))

Of course one of the stars on the short film "KAMA" is the gorgeous Lovi Poe. Her dress that evening was deadly! Backless redefined!

Equally good looking guy Piolo Pascual was so nice. He agreed when I politely asked for a photo. What do you think? =)

Star of KONTRABIDA 101 Ms. Bella Flores looking so regal in her violet dress. I'm a fan of this great actress, super fan actually. Kontrabida wouldn't be coined without mentioning her name in Philippine history!

Check out this trailer and just take a look at what we watched that evening!

See why I'm not surprised why BENCH is the number 1 clothing brand in the Philippines? =)

Thank you so much and happy happy birthday BENCH! Thank you also to Sir Ben Chan and everyone behind the success of the brand! Let's all sit down and relax, there are more things coming up this last quarter. Watch out for that! :)

Bench really has a passion for greatness!


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