Lucky Chinatown Opens in Manila!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Manila seemed to be left out when it come to establishments and true enough there are only a few who heeded to the call of investments in this area. I witnessed one great event last weekend which had me smile a bit because of the promise it inculcates to the minds of people from this area. Lucky Chinatown just had a grand launch and seeing the brands and people who rejoiced that afternoon only made my hunch confirmed that Manila will change for the better.

President Noynoy Aquino opened the establishment, unfortunately our service didn't leave the point early so we can cover this part aside from the rain and traffic of course. Tim Yap and the eccentric Tessa Prieto - Valdez stood as hosts of the launch.

Drama ensued as the famous EL GAMMA PENUMBRA took the stage and did a couple of tricks with artsy and fancy dances.

After that they did their signature shadow plays which had all of us glued to the screen. They depicted the Chinatown history and also some of the great things you can do now that Lucky Chinatown has opened at the heart of Manila - Binondo area. Imagine these are all made by their shadows, isn't that amazing?

Then the stage opened up and got all of us shooting more as a Fashion show ensued! The best brands showcased their latest collections and we had our fix of gorgeous models too! Take a look at this!









Folded and Hung

For me













We also spotted celebrities in the event and I was in an oh wow moment when Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles sashayed the red carpet!

I'm telling you they are the most GORGEOUS couple I have ever met! Troy and Aubrey was nice too and didn't bat an eyelash when I asked to take some shots. Thanks Troy! =)

Rocco Nacino

I almost missed to see this equally gorgeous guy named Rocco Nacino. He was in a Rudy Project kiosk when I saw him, actually he saw me first. It was so nice to get a chance to talk to him again. I didn't get to do that last Philippine Fashion Week because it was pandemonium in Rajo Laurel's show cum party. Thanks buddy for being so nice to me and everyone else! You are going places!

What better way to end the festivities but by doing a Dragon Dance! Actually, they didn't really end here because it was a whole day event! People were flocking to the Binondo area, it was posh, brands were there, parking was surprisingly ample and the amenities were superbly constructed. Manila and the Binondo area surely has started to have that spunk, they are becoming the best destination for business and pleasure. Now that Lucky Chinatown has arrived, it will start something special at the heart of the city... Manila's now a promised land and it's star is Binondo because of Lucky Chinatown!

Reina Regente St. Corner Dela Reina St. Brgy. 293 Zone 28, Binondo, 1006 Manila, Philippines

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Phone    Concierge 576-8139

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ZaiZai said...

Big time ang opening ng lucky chinatown! can't wait to go there soon :)

So nice of you to meet my bf Rocco again :)

sin at work said...

oooohh i wanna try it there someday... :)

el toro bumingo said...

Cute boys overload :)