Artista Academy: The Top 16: Good Looking, Gorgeous, Better Than Other Reality Search Programs!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The biggest and grandest Artista search in the country just started and they got the names out! We're glad we were able to witness this last Sunday. There are a lot of favorites this year, but the standouts in my list really presented themselves well. In fact, some of them got in! These guys just might win the coveted 20 Million pesos, which in history is the biggest prize in the country. It will change lives.

Some of my bets got in!

I was impressed about the lineup of talents that they had. Comparing this to other networks artista search, this is on a league of its own. Honestly, none of them looked cheap. They have spunk and when it's about talent, they showed us what they're made of that afternoon!

The girls didn't let us down because as soon as these hunky guys got off the stage they showed us a thing or two about making it a competition!

Watch as top 16 hopefuls Brent Manzano, 20 set as The Prince of Emo, Chris Leonardo as Laguna's dancing cutie, Jon Orlando (one of my bets) 19 as the Class Leader from QC, Mark Neumann, 17 the class clown,Chanel Morales, 16 Miss Conservative, Julia Quisumbing (another one of my bets! :) ) 21 the athletic beauty, Malak So Shidifat, 20 the mysterious babe, Marvelous Alejo, 16 the talented sweetheart from Valenzuela, Nicole Estrada, 16 the campus kikay, Shaira Mae,17 Miss Congeniality of Las Pinas City, Sophie Albert, 21 the artistic chick, Stephanie Rowe, 16 Muse na palaban from Pampanga, Akihiro Blanco, 17 ang Astig na Heartthrob, Alberto Bruno, 16 Mr. Intense, Vin Abrenica, 21 the singing hunk, and Benjo Leoncio 21, the campus crush from Cebu all have a once in a lifetime chance to get 10 Million Pesos for one male and one female contestant as the ultimate winner in Artista Academy!

They gamely answered questions from the press and also the bloggers that evening. I got to jot down several facts from the Academy hopefuls!

1.  When asked about their love team prospects, Sophie is kinda the one almost all the guys adore. I'm not surprised because she was statuesque and extremely pretty!

2. Apparently the girls love John Lloyd Cruz. They adore him and want to work with him sometime soon.

3. Good looking Jon has a crush on the gorgeous Lovi Poe.

4. Alberto likes Michael V and his brand of comedy.

5. Mark likes and idolizes Jed Madela and the press was surprised, the bloggers on the other hand were not because we knew how talented he is.

6. When asked about giving up studies in pursuit of this chance to be in Artista Academy, Malak says she wants this so bad, studying is important but since this is a chance they were given to do now, they want to grab this because the opportunity presented itself. They all had similar answers.

Roberto is very frank and amusing. He was outstanding in answering most of the questions, brutally direct, this must be why he's here. You should get to know him.

7. Chanel, and Marvelous obviously has singing prowess. They even sang a Capella. The boys were well represented by Vin Abrenica and Brent Manzano. Some of them danced, evidently these guys and gals are an awesome talented bunch!

I watched the show last night and got to see how they looked on screen, they were all so promising! The only comment I have to make is it's so bitin! This show should be 1 or 2 hours! Can't help but appreciate why Direk Mac Alejandre seated beside me and asked about my bets too, he's making this whole program a great one and by golly it is! Congratulations Direk! =)

Check out these shots I got of some of the contestants, now tell me if they are not apt for stardom!

Artista Academy airs 11:45 AM and 9:00 PM Monday to Friday, and shows 9:30 PM every Saturday for eliminations. It's 20 Million Pesos and these guy and gals that will keep you entertained so make sure you watch it on TV5!

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