Spicy Southern Finds in Megamall: Cajun Red Rock!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

If you are up to Cajun cuisine, why not try the best one SM Megamall has on their midst called CAJUN RED ROCK at the third floor. They've got some of the best ribs and cocktails in town that you can enjoy anytime of the day especially after office hours. I dig their margarita selections and burger choices that would satisfy anyone's craving... Ooohh the mere mention of that just made my mouth water! To make things a little torture for you guys, get a load of these things we ate this afternoon!

The Ambiance 
The place is filled with memorabilia of Cajun origin. They wanted you to feel some vibe of what it's like in the South. This restaurant by the way is also the child of Chef Tony, the one who made those great popcorns we see all over Manila!

For the homey and not so crowded afternoon, we were definitely happy we got a stock bench diner table because it probably is one of the more private seats in the house. They've got a bar inside the restaurant that's got booze served all day, everyday!

The Food


Cajun is a little spicy. They've got that hint of old bay in their seasonings as a general rule. They had these tabasco, salt and pepper if you prefer to season your plate more. Though I didn't find anything wrong with what they had us eat that afternoon. It was quite cozy.

And what do you know, there's free warm popcorn for starters, so that you can be preoccupied while waiting for your scrumptious meal!

They served house blended Iced Tea, one's Strawberry flavored and the other one's got hints of lime. They just call it Green tea.

Saw the menu and it isn't that much pricey. They've got a buy one take one deal on these burgers so if you pay 280 you'll get 2 of the same flavor. The deal is, it'll only be until today in celebration of SM Megamall's Mega Food Sale! Make sure you get your buddies to come along and share margaritas! =)

Southern Bacon Cheese

The Southern Bacon Cheese is one of their best sellers. Imagine that thick juicy patty smothered in melted cheese and covered with a few strips of bacon, it's just comfort food divine! This is made very special with the soft Oatmeal based bun. It had that sweet savory feel you'll always love in a burger. Write down your name because you might just forget yourself upon first bite! The sides of thick cut french fries would also fill you up in no time and even got the mayo spiced a bit with garlic and probably old bay. It was nice really. This retails for 280 but since it's the MEGA FOOD SALE, the buy one take one takes effect. So it's like buying two burgers in half the price! You can take it home if you want to! =)

Buffalo Burger

Think about thick ground beef patty (or buffalo since it says that) covered in crispy bread crumbs smothered with heavy, smoky, spicy sauce while covered in a hefty amount of grilled cheese on top. You can even opt for them to do add ons and make this a volcano for you! It was really spicy so if you are opting for something like that, then this Buffalo Burger might just be the right thing for you. I actually loved this one because of the fact that it is spicy. If you don't like it too hot then just ask them to tone it down. They would do anything to your burger gladly. A plus for me is that they use this soft Oatmeal based bun which is sweet to the bite. It's something to look forward to the next time you drop by the mall. This is also part of the burgers they have which you can purchase in the MEGA FOOD SALE (last day today!). They also have an on going treat for American Express Card holders which is their Burger All You Can promo. The drinks plus these two burgers just filled us up in no time!

The Service

They pretty much took care of us and our food but I would have loved a little eagerness to refill drinks and offer water when we're done dining. That would have been perfect. Overall they are very good hosts and I will come back for more. I heard their Big Tony's Barbecue Burger had this Espresso based sauce that no other burgers have. I'll try that next time plus the ribs! =)

Cajun dishes need not to be in New Orleans or in Canada because they've got it right here in SM Megamall, plus they've got a promo happening today which is buy one take one on burgers like these! Make sure to stop by the third floor of SM Megamall and find CAJUN RED ROCK with your friends and family! Remember it's the last day today! =)

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