Superjunior's Siwon & Donghae for Bench!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The brightest local stars and the hottest international ones are still with one global brand, Bench.This time it was the popular group Superjunior's frontmen Siwon and Donghae to take Manila by storm by staging an event at the Trinoma activity center last Friday. We were like sardines fit in a can because ELF's occupied the whole ground floor and positioned themselves on the adjacent floors just to see a glimpse of their idols. Why not?! When you see good looking endorsers like these, you know you want to see them up close!


I caught him winking on this photo, he was looking at the crowd in front of the stage. They went ballistic!

Jinri Park hosted the program. It was probably easier that way so that if Siwon and Donghae replied to questions, we had a Korean person on deck to understand and translate. There were only a couple of things asked, like the color they wanted in clothes, what other places they wanted to go in the Philippines, how they find their Philippine ELF's, the usual stuff; and they answered back with the same shade of clothes they were wearing, Boracay (where they want Bench to pay for everyone's airfare too) and beautiful ELF's... isn't that sweet?

It was deafening, I was surprised I could still hear after thousands of fans literally screamed every time they moved, laughed, spoke or said something. No one really could get these guys in Manila, but Bench heard the clamor for these guys and brought them here. They made every ELF's dream come true! 

 I have more of these photos coming up very soon, please come back for more. I'm sure you'll love those which I haven't released yet :) Hope these shots made you happy! I'll release more of these sooner than you think! :) This is in celebration of BENCH's 25th Anniversary!

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love it :))

aiden said...

i'll definitely comeback :) excited to read more and the photos too :)

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el toro bumingo said...

They look gwapo ha. I love Korean guys :)