A LAB STORY: Love Stricken and Socially Aware at Puregold Cinepanalo Festival

Friday, March 15, 2024


Took the afternoon screenings at Gateway Mall for the Puregold Cinepanalo Film Festival. The entry "A Lab Story" is about two students who find themselves in interesting situations because they had to pair up for an agricultural quiz bee. It definitely felt like a coming of age film. 

The teens might have been in different spectrums, one smart, the other not quite, and all they wanted to become was not to end up at last place.

It's fun, very endearing, and you will root for the two lead stars. You're going to also like Donna Cariaga in her element, the funny and quirky moments with her and Kurt screams part 2, we wouldn't be surprised if it had one.

They also had several issues addressed such as the plight of indigenous people, their home, their land and how some of them get abused. It's also about skills, knowing themselves and reaching for their dreams. So really, there's a lot to devour on such a simple looking plot.

This is just one of the entries in the Puregold Cinepanalo Film Festival, there will be several more of these full length films and short film entries that will be shown at Gateway Mall cinemas this weekend. Because as far as quality goes, this looks promising.


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