foodpanda's Looking for 6 Beneficiaries of "Ka-Panda BIZ Women on Wheels"

Friday, March 08, 2024

Do you know that there are a lot of women foodpanda riders in the Philippines? Well foodpanda made sure that they do something special for them this Women's Day as they give BIGGER opportunities through their "Ka-panda BIZ Women on Wheels" program. This was witnessed by foodpanda Philippines executives, their partner organizations as they make sure that equality becomes a norm especially amongst women riders who are also part of their business.

Jerome Mangahas, foodpanda's Head of Communications and Public Affairs asserts this is the day to acknowledge women in the workforce and how they have been instrumental in the success of foodpanda, their community and their families. Last year, they only had 3 who were able to participate in the program but is now 6, which is welcome news.

Philippine Commission on Women OIC Atty Khay says "This year we challenge the stereotypes, the strength of their potential, the tough, independent, sociable, entrepreneur and woman. We believe every woman has the ability to choose, it's not a limitation, it's a source of strength. From the assumption that they are less capable, it hinders their choices. This also can be breeding a ground for violence. Women, your dreams, stories, it's all yours to claim. Our focus should remain steadfast, no matter how painful numbers are, women should remain equals. We should break down barriers and should do gender mainstreaming. The magna carta for women is turning 15 this year, this continues to promote equality. The law against violence to women and children on the other hand is on its 20th year. To make the most of it, we should assess and do proper targeting, increase women's specific needs. We need to continue to support GAD programs and advocate budget for it. We provide women the tools to take their families out of poverty. This national women's month, we must be united and put life in existing laws. We must pave ways for our partner organizations and it's beneficiaries."

Here's our video coverage which happened this morning.

Congratulations to Foodpanda, Foodpanda Logistics, Happinoy and the Philippine Commission on Women for being part of this!


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