KATRINA VELARDE Readies For "The Z-CON: The Gen Z Icons Concert"

Friday, March 22, 2024


The world class power belter Katrina Velarde is going to make your April days even more awesome as she does "KATRINA The Z-CON: The Gen Z Icons Concert" to be held on April 13, 8pm at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater in Circuit Makati.

For those asking why it's ZCon, it's because they want to cater to Gen Z's who's supporting her today. She's been very hands on, using her own team to do arrangements, covers, even on YouTube. Although they cater to any music genre, everyone will certainly relate to the music of the 90's and 2000's. She's going to do it with her own spin on things. 

Talking to her a few days ago, Katrina feels the pressure (mounting this concert) because it's been 4 years since she last had one. Though she admits, she likes this pressure and anxiety. She asserts these are challenges that could further improve her skills. 

 Katrina says "I'm so happy that we're doing this to promote my concert, I've had the chance to do this in ASAP and Showtime, and it's been a while since I've had one. It's like my body is looking for it, this is a big production and I'm happy to work with JM Yosures, Reiven Umali, Khimo Gumatay and Sam Mangubat. My reach has always been with Gen Z's and I've prepared a lot for this one."

She adds "It's not just going to be with Gen Z's though because I want people to relate with music from the 90's and 2000's, but we're doing it with a different flavor. I'm eager to do this all, coming from the pandemic days, we wanted to have more mediums of entertainment. I realized when the pandemic happened people still wanted to see us for entertainment, and now that we're back, I'm happy."

Imagine if she wasn't around during the pandemic, we all would have been in a rut. A lot of people listened to her songs during her live streams. Truly, it was a place to be thankful during those times because as singers, they rose to the occasion and gave us the needed entertainment we craved for at home.

Like so many singers, she's inspired by the one and only Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez. When they performed in previous shows, she froze and just looks at her. It's so nice to see that her dreams did come true. To be able to work with her inspiration, she must have been ecstatic. Here's more of what happened at the press conference for the "KATRINA The Z-CON: The Gen Z Icons Concert"

 On this part 2, she had our jaws drop with a few songs she sang a capella


She's very down to earth, and has already impressed a lot of people with her covers, original songs and this concert would definitely be a nice avenue to see how she's come a long way. Tickets are sold via Ticketworld so secure them now. This is produced by AQUEOUS ENTERTAINMENT and ABBA Productions.



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