MOIRA Talks About Weight Loss Journey at BonaSlim Event

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Looks like Moira is on a roll as she now is the face of BonaVita Philippines' "BonaSlim", the newest 15 in 1 coffee mix released in the Philippines. 

The singer, songwriter and hit maker has been busy preparing for a concert tour this coming summer (Malaysia, US and Canada) so getting in shape is one of her priorities. BonaSlim has L-Carnetine + Garcinia Cambogia and uses Stevia as sweetener. This is recommended for adults only and not for lactating, pregnant and children. It also is in mocha flavor which makes it smell so good in the morning (when you are having your first cup).

In the event, the Cerezo Family, BonaVita executives, and Cornerstone were all in attendance. BonaVita Philippines CEO Jethro Cerezo says "This is a milestone for our company, as she believes in our brand and our family. We started this just to improve the health of consumers. We are now able to introduce to you BonaSlim 15 in 1 Coffee, our proudest formulation yet. It targets the need of your weight loss goals, all of us worked hard to being you products you deserve. We want to help and inspire!"

CFO Genesis Cerezo and Jhederlly Masiclat says "We are happy to present you this new product, in our commitment to guide you in your weightloss and boost your energy and confidence, we introduce to you BonaSlim 15 in 1 coffee. In it we got Mangosteen, L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, Inulin, Senna Leaves, Stevia, Moringa, Barley, Ganoderma, Psyllium Husk, Turmeric Powder , Guyabano, and no artificial additives or preservatives. Looking good starts with feeling good. It's when you radiate confidence, and we want you to achieve your goals healthier and happier. We believe in a holistic approach, we need to religiously take care of ourselves and use this for your body goals. This is BonaSlim 15 in 1 coffee!"

"When I started losing weight, it haopened when I stopped trying. I was vegan, keto, done intermittent, tried everything, even became bolemic and worsened my situation. But when I stopped putting pressure on my self and just letting myself be, that's when I didn't stress about it and gradually lost the weight. I think it is self love, that matters more. I also think you have to know you are beautiful even before you go to your goal weight. That's where real change happens, it wasn't quick and BonaSlim they knew what I was talking about, it was gradual change they also wanted to promote. It was something I could do. Don't be to hard on yourself, choose yourself because it's not a bad thing."

Now head on to stores, online shops as they are all available in Shopee, Lazada and their social channels.


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