Take a Look at the New TIMEZONE Marquee Mall

Thursday, March 21, 2024

If you haven't discovered it yet, there's a new Timezone branch at the Marquee Mall in San Fernando, Pampanga. Kapampangan friends and families will get a taste of the same entertainment that people have been enjoying in different places across the country.

They spruced it up, arranged the machines to an even wider floor area so you can have more of your favorite games, tickets to win, and prizes to take home in one place. What's even better is that there are new games included in the re-opening which can be played from sun up to sun down, for folks of different ages.

The President and GM of Timezone Philippines Raffy Prats Jr. was also there to cut the ribbon, and he says "You're now looking at a new and improved Timezone Marquee Mall which you can now go to and have tons of pleasurable and memorable time with your family. This will surely be a place where people from Central Luzon would converge and enjoy on regular days or weekends. This is now catered to different age groups, for students, professionals, or just about any joe that want to have a fun time!"

Now you can enjoy VR machines, Magic UFO, Halo Firestorm Raven, social bowling, and so much more. The branch also will have a promo where if you load up 600 pesos you get to have 900 Timezone credits which means more time to play inside the arcade.

Go head on to Marquee Mall in Pampanga today to enjoy the promo, and the tons of games you need to play. It's a breather, and if you win lots of tickets, you can trade them for prizes, treats right at the side of the cashier. You'll love it here!


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