Yellow Cab Pizza Throws "BEST EVER PIZZA PARTY"

Friday, March 08, 2024

We arrived a bit early and saw a lot of people already inside the venue as Yellow Cab threw the "BEST EVER PIZZA PARTY" over at B3 Bonifacio High Street in BGC. In it, they introduced their newest product the "Half Moon Pizza".

Initially I thought this had something to do with the Lunar New Year but no, it was something they wanted to do so people could have a more personal sized serving of some of Yellow Cab's well loved pizza. And why not, much of us actually don't finish a whole pizza (and leave in the fridge) or sometimes, think that they wouldn't be able to afford one when out with friends or family. The half moon pizza actually stands on its own, not a halved pizza and was served hot off the oven! It only costs Php 159! 

Aside from good food, this BEST EVER PIZZA PARTY had several game booths where people won exclusive merch, take photos and win prizes from Yellow Cab. Add to that, an actual concert at the center stage with artists like Clara Benin and severely popular Lola Amour!

@kumagcow @lolaamourmusic at the Yellow Cab Pizza Party #LolaAmour ♬ original sound - John Bueno

They just made your favorite pizza flavors into smaller and more affordable so you don't have to consume too much in one sitting and still enjoy your favorite flavors Pepperoni, Hawaiian, whenever you need to.

Here's Clara Benin's interview

The place was also adorned with a poster designed by Raco Ruiz. Aside from that, they also had shirts and bags with the same theme made by Syndrome Supply (Anton and Iñigo). Designs of the products were in limited quantity. The music from Clara Benin and Lola Amour was just amazing and a fun way to start  the festivities.DJ Margachi also followed suit for those who stayed, fun times!

Make sure you follow Yellow Cab Pizza Co's social channels because from the looks of it, there's a lot more they would want to do in the next few months. Maybe you'll get to join in the fun after this. The executives were optimistic about the future of Yellow Cab and would want to.


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