Triton Paints Get Lead-Free Certification

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Are you into building? DIY? Or just fixing things? Chances are, you're probably going to use paint in one or more of these projects and in the Philippines. The direction is to make sure that lead would not be used in manufacturing paint. Recently, a Philippine company just earned their certification for being Lead Safe Paint particularly the ones under Roosevelt Chemical Incorporated.

The dangers of lead in paint has been already studied, proven and should be eliminated. Human health is prime, which is why we should act now. Even with laws passed, the Philippines is just one of a couple of countries that still sell them, but it should be stopped.

Hon. Gilbert Gonzales says "This is my second time attending this kind of forum with paint manufacturers. I'd like to congratulate Triton Philippines for achieving this. This has a great effect for human health, lead safe paints and the quality of it must coincide with environmental safety. They are aware of the ill effects of lead paints, the civil society organizations and our partners are slowly moving towards safe products. In everything we do, we hope we gain more businesses that look at the environment friendly products and why it should be the norm in the country."

Richard Cruz from DILG says "Paints are now lead free, it will help not just the folks who live in homes but the community they belong to."

Charity Agbayani from OPDS-DILG says "Traditionally, it contains harmful chemicals and with the improvements,  toxins that are in paint should not be a problem anymore. Our homes and workplace should be lead free, so generations to come would not experience the harmful effects of it anymore."

Aileen Lucero of ECO Waste Coalition "Triton paints have passed standards and now proves how they are the right kind of paints. This is one concrete way of protecting our children from the harmful effects of lead in paints. The DENR, DILG, and you are all moving in establishing standards that would phase out lead containing paints in the coming years. The advisory which called government units to not purchase paint that contain lead is a step forward and we congratulate them all for doing what is right."

Solon Sy the VP for Sales and Marketing of Roosevelt Chemical Corporation says "We have always felt this is a step forward to the lead safe certification. This is our commitment to our partners, customers, for a sustainable future. This has been the result of expansive research, and we know that families will benefit from it. We are stewards of environment and health, and these lead safe paints will be at safe spaces. Thank you for your trust and making Triton Paints the right kind of paint "

Reginald Yu the President of Philippine Paints and Coatings Association says "We celebrate the remarkable achievement. In behalf of our organization, our heartfelt congratulations for being certified lead free. I've had the pleasure of witnessing their hard work first hand. They have been a pillar of excellence in the community and have earned our trust and respect. This highlights their commitment to excellence. They are now a benchmark for paint manufacturing. As industry leaders, family friends, their support have always been commendable. Our member companies want to push for industry goals, for the benefit of generations to come. We are assured there will be more, congratulations once again to the Sy Family, may your success inspire others."

Teodoro Cayetano the Municipal Engineer from Roxas Palawan adds "The efforts of the Triton Family and Roosevelt Chemicals did not just comply, but have provided a reiteration to executive orders and ordinances to become lead free in our town. It was just recently approved, ad we will be a partner to follow provisions of the law. I'll make sure to follow requirements and support Triton in using them in our projects, as we find their efforts phenomenal for our country and Roxas."

Here's part of the press conference on video earlier. Please, enjoy!

Triton, Rosco, Primecoat, Acri-Lux, Lotus paints and their other products are now lead safe certified. You get premium quality finish, sustainable and eco friendly products from Roosevelt Chemical Inc. Because of innovation, they were able to make this safe, economical, and quality. Their commitment to your safety is their priority.

Congratulations Triton Paints!


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