JAKE CUENCA Grabs Role in "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim"

Friday, March 22, 2024

Had lunch with Jake Cuenca this afternoon as he talks more about Morpheus, his character in the hit show "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim" (Philippine adaptation) on Viu. Obviously he's attacking this role differently and when he watched it, he eagerly wants to do justice with the role.

Jake says "If I make you cry here, it's not because of heartbreak, but this man is calm and done differently. PSJ is a great actor, so is Cyrus, but the effort here is even more than my previous role in Ironheart. I really prepared for it emotionally. This time you are bringing this to an audience, I had to look for things in between."

He adds that after the pandemic, he wanted to work with the best people including the late Deo Endrinal. He would've regretted it because they were able to tweak the character for him and it's a different take in the Filipino adaptation. When I read it, it was interesting. I do flourish on an off beat role especially Eros, on Catleya Killer it's always very interesting and meaty. I've come to embrace that they put me here for a reason, and I can elevate it."

They thought it was going to be the typical Jake Cuenca but they will talk about the portrayal after the show. He is grateful especially for the audience that comes with it. Jake knows how hot KimPao is. He says "When I'm in the set I don't look at romantic scenes, but I'm really blessed to have been able to work with Pau, and with my best friend, I feel I've had more growth. If we did this when we were young, it would have looked totally different."

Here's the full conversation we had with him

Now if you're in the mood for more of Jake Cuenca, he's on What's Wrong with Secretary Kim and it is exclusive on Viu. You can see the first 5 episodes if you are subscribed but if you want to watch it on TV, it's on abscbn channels. You can also watch it for FREE on Viu as soon as it comes out on TV.

Congratulations Jake on another show! There will surely be more of these projects including the one with Baron Geisler. You just wait!


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