Artist PLUME and SALA Band Join GMA's AltG Records

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Just got off the press conference with new artists Plume and SALA (the band) over zoom this afternoon. They're a pretty fun bunch to talk to and yes, you kinda feel like you're in the presence of very talented people.

Plume says "I usually write music when its nighttime because it's way quiet. I start with chord progression, then lyrics, if it fits I'll make the chorus and complete it. I listen to other artists, I find good things in it and put my own style. I try to make it comforting and relaxing as possible. Since my work is dedicated to music now, I focus on myself and my hobbies while studying. It's still music in the background so there's still input. I love music like that. It's unusual to do jazzy songs available to everyone, I usually follow that genre, it's what I do to stand out. I also utilize social media to make my work known. I think I'll be doing singles from AltG records. I want people to feel relaxed, hear pop, but learn the words and vibes are different. I feel Baguio's busking music scene is still starting. Manila has a lot of bar tours, I think it's more organized here but I hope Baguio will follow suit soon."

Plume adds "I often seen albums released then sometimes they lose track of it the whole year. I think releasing content in different times would fit me. I listen to a lot of genres, but I prefer metal, the beauty of it is when you removed the angst, the noisy lines, you'll see the nice lyrics on it. I also love classical music, they do inspire me!"

Beautiful is my Plume's first single, and still testing what people would go to after they listened to it. His inspiration is from a personal experience. Right now, he's still trying to feel what happened after signing with AltG Records. He didn't believe it til they started recording.

Sala's frontman says "We do it differently, I could write songs wherever I am, but I finish my songs in my Sala hence our name. I throw it to my peers and do the other parts of the songs afterwards. That's how we do it. Our songs are borrowed experiences and I think it stems from the things that are not often talked about."

"If we have new ideas, we put it in a group chat and contribute there. Since we have different work, different jams and gigs, we try to stay healthy by eating, exercising, if we wanted to do this for a long time we try to do that as much as possible. It is art, and we love it! For us, we're glad to have YT, Spotify, platforms that we can listen to. As a band, arrangements are still a group effort. If it evolves, I don't have to follow that because we have our own message, it's not a problem to do that but we already have 4 pov's in the band and I think that's enough. Things are changing, I think people are releasing songs when there's something consistent to give. People want new things, albums kind of put it in one basket but people have different tastes. This would give artists freedom to test what's good. We want to return to not just making love stories, it should be different topics, even taboo ones, songwriting for the sense of telling them not just invoke feeling, something that people could relate to."

SALA felt that signing with AltG was surreal. The opportunity came at a very shocking moment, and feels they can't think about collaborating with other artists yet as they're not established rock stars. Though they want to do that in the near future. Their single will be out mid March. Plume on the other hand already has his single out, plus a lyric video on YouTube. He also has plans to have a music video out soon, and he's so ready!

Good luck and I hope you all continue to record more! We would certainly love to listen to it with great gusto!


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