MARC LOGAN Has A New Show on TV5!

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

If you've been looking for Marc Logan (and where he's been), don't close your eyes because he's now in TV5!

He's got a new show called "Top 5 Mga Kwentong Marc Logan" after signing with the Kapatid network. This will show on April 6 which is pretty near already, and will feature interesting people as he makes those awkward things funny with his antics. He's pretty known doing that, and even if you don't admit, you laughed a few times in his past shows.

Aside from the usual, he's going to also take a hit on trending videos, topics, and just about anything under the sun. His comical way of telling the stories will surely make your day, and you will be enjoying it with an even wider group of spectators. He will also be introducing several segments like MANOPET for those talented pets, Pakitalk-kitalk for viral social media videos, and Taba ng U-Talk for more Filipino humor.

He will also be interviewing stars, go to unexpected places and find ways to make you laugh all day. Go visit TV5's social channels for more updates about it and several insider shots as they will be revealing more soon! Go give a click would you?!


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