Giving Hope, Paying it Forward with "Si Manoy ang Ninong Ko"

Friday, March 01, 2024

Sherilyn Reyes Tan, Gelli de Belen, Congressman Wilbert Lee and Patricia Tumulak

Together with seasoned hosts Sherilyn Reyes Tan, Gelli de Belen, Patricia Tumulak in "Si Manoy ang Ninong Ko" is Congressman Wilbert Lee. This is his first public service show that will premiere on GMA this March 3, 7AM on Sundays. 
He says "This show is different, it isn't a one time big time thing. We look at the root of the problem and give a lifelong solution. More than that, we want to give hope to a lot of people, and hope others would do the same. If they see something like the situations in our show, they would never bat an eyelash and help in their own way. Actually, we have done a lot but not publicly. We have a lot of countrymen who still couldn't get services they need. This will be a place they could go to, where the impossible becomes possible. This is what I want people to feel at the grassroots level, we're doing this not because we are aiming for a higher post. There are people who really have heart to help other people."

He adds "This started when I was in my post, I got to go around and see things for my self while I was in congress. I couldn't believe what I've seen in different places, they live hard lives and don't even have food on the table. I want to help them all, but I'm only one person, and this would show it to a lot of people. We hope this would happen soon. I am from Sorsogon, a Bicolano and I lived in a good environment because my Dad had everything in his store. He was an employee, but worked harder to sell things. We now get to build businesses, affect the lives of over 3000 employees in different industries. It's what made me want to be in politics, so I could help even more. I think everything has a right time, I know this show would make a lot of people know more of their stories."

Gelli says "I've done a few shows and this one is different because we help, it's an opportunity to know issues in one area. We don't just listen, we ask experts about how we could address things so we can do change, I want to be part of that. All I wanted to ask was how, they explained to me about the advocacy, despite all that, it's about helping fellow Filipinos. I'm learning aside from seeing how this could be instrumental in how to address societal issues holistically. This isn't the first time I'm working with Sherilyn, but is the first time with Patricia. When I saw Manoy Wilbert, he wanted to inspire those who have the capacity to help and do it. He's someone who's been doing this for a long time, and he has courage, and now he's in front of the cam, he wants to have more people to do what he's doing. Our difficulty is to find solutions for them, because we need a more permanent solution and not just a one time thing so they could sustain their livelihood, handle their money, help maintain what they receive. We have done a lot of episodes that deal with agriculture, not just focus on it because we want to help them in the social aspect of it. In a nutshell, when it gets to laws, the papers, legal documents, and the budget to get things done. Even applying for jobs require that, hopefully we would be able to help them and not need a show for it to happen. We can't just leave it up to the government to make our lives easier, we need to start with ourselves. We want this simple show to give hope, eventually more and pay it forward to others."

Sherilyn adds "The experience is so good because I am personally going to go there. We get molded with the different people we talk to. We get to see their heart, and you will see that in every episode. I was excited and really thankful about it. I talked to Sparkle personally and they agreed even if it will be conflicting with my schedules. We only were able to see other during the launch and photo shoot. I always guest at Sis which is why I've had the opportunity to work with her back in the days. When I was offered this, I did my research and of course, I asked around and saw how he helped even more without the cameras. I can vouch for that. In this show, you get to love each episode because I cried every time I watch the show. This isn't just a travel show, it's un-glamorous, because you get to adjust, be humble, be grateful, because they live in horrible conditions but still have hope in their eyes. You really need to see this every Sunday. Sometimes, you would not get to just stand and watch but help personally in their education, hospitalization, societal issues... they need to help their families and it will be their priority."

Gorgeous Patricia Tumulak

Patty says "We get to see how people live their lives, we see their unheard communities and we could choose what to do together with a lot of people from different organizations. I am so happy to be part of this! We have different regions to go to, we interview people. I think the Lord gave me this, and if every he runs for higher office, I'd support him in a heartbeat. We will be going around the country, and we have been shooting since October. Just recently, we were able to go to farmers who walk 4 hours just to go to school. It's a huge impact for me, I look forward to each story. One person who we got to help told us how fast we got to do it. I'm a preschool teacher, I want to also now teach the value of reading, sending children to school."

Here's a short talk we had after the event!

This is early morning of Sunday because they chose a time where the whole family is at home. Their hope is that the show would influence those who are fortunate to share their blessings and perhaps, bring hope to those who need it (and I see nothing but good in that). Come watch it this Sunday morning at 7am, it'll be worth your time to hear their stories and seeing how they would help them.


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