Charming Ryan Bang's Album Launch!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A breath of fresh air and a genuine guy that just wants to be happy. That's how I want to describe Ryan Bang. He might not be the best hearth rob or matinee idol that Philippine showbiz wants to show but boy he's a ton of laugh and personality in one package. He improved quite a lot from his first days in PBB and I'm not surprised he's got more projects up his sleeves. This one though was one of the things YOU NEVER THOUGHT WOULD HAPPEN, but it DID! I'm excited to tell you guys that Ryan Bang already has an album!!!

With singles like "I lilly lilly like it! (I really really like it)", Pan Americano, Parapapa, Waka Waka, Git with U, Bon Bon, and another "I lilly lilly like it Mixed!" this proves to be one awesome album fit for the family. His charm and renditions of catchy tunes would definitely be the delight of those who listen to Willie Revillame or other artists in their genre. I would agree some of his songs are going to be hard to understand but the JOY is really in that! You have fun, dance once it starts and get carried away with you and your folks because it's FUN! Ryan Bang brings to you choices that other artists wouldn't have which is his CHARM!

I like Ryan Bang, he's a good guy... and if this album would make you feel that charm I found in him I suggest you go and get it! This is his first, I would love to see him do a Christmas Album this year!


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Bino said...

wow si ryan bang! punta ko sa event nya sa alabang next wek hehehe 

Steph Traveliztera said...