Ms Earth Philippines 2011 - Cultural Night at Thunderbird Resorts

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The stage was set to choose the 10 most beautiful Filipinas in the Ms. Earth Philippines Beauty Pageant. They traveled far and wide to spectacular Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal for the Cultural Presentation and true enough we were all set to a magical evening! I sat down quietly among the throngs of people; and got busy clicking my cam because these gorgeous ladies surprised everyone with their talents.

She did a "Veil Dance" to one of Shakira's track

(L) She did an awesome song and belted it out with all her might, quite impressive (R) she did sign language together with the song Price Tag, it was ROCK!

She hand painted a fetus and declaimed something about an Unborn Child... I'll give props to this gal for giving this acting stint a try. Very different from the usual talents you see in pageants.

What won the hearts of the judges for the talent portion was Ms. Tanauan who performed consecutive magic tricks. It was really a sight to behold because things just came out of nowhere LOL. It was really pure entertainment! I forgot where I put the photos though, I think it got lost in the uploads. Anyway, the next one's better!

The National Costume - Filipiniana was next and there were a few hits and misses. They all looked gorgeous though because of Thunderbird resorts stage they were in. They were all able to host Hotbabes and the Blogfest 2011 more events soon! Back to the pageant, they came out one by one impressing me and the audience. They're all so gorgeous!

From Cagayan and Baliuag, shouldn't they just keep these ladies to themselves?? It's just crazy they aren't married yet!

Balanga and Bayugan sent their representatives too. Very ethnic and colorful! I love the rainmaker-bamboo costume. It worked!

Ms. Cebu almost didn't fit getting into the stage because her gown was HUGE! It was really nice when she came out because it was reminiscent of Sinulog Festivals there!

Ms. Cotabato City was my favorite, she looked cute in this ensemble. She's also the lone contestant left to represent Mindanao.

Ms. Casiguran and Ms. Calapan city made their hometowns proud by wearing (L) something from their area au naturelle and (R) very ornate structured terno.

Ms. Narvacan is colorful, and so is this other one embellished with crystals. I felt a little awkward about the color though, not my type. I felt I was in public school and this was the color of the room again. (Mint green??)

Guys, I know what you are thinking. She's cute I know (L). I felt like I was seeing Georgina Wilson. Simple yet elegant. It was not showy but it showed her aptly. Very hispanic huh?! (R) Hello sunshine! With all that smile and this outfit how can anyone not look at her too.

(L) This lady worked what she's wearing, she did different things with the malong. While she on the other hand (R) made all metal pipes on her gown chink when she walked. Pretty good if she represented Las Pinas because it'll definitely represent the Bamboo Organ.

(L) I think I've seen this somewhere before. It must have been worn by other contestants somewhere. I saw her trying to move 4 times but she couldn't walk in it. She was still a sport and carried it though. (R) The pretty lady from Imus wore the green gown, not my type but I think they are trying to wear something like this because it is Ms. Earth after all.

They had pretty ternos. I like the white one better though. Imeldiffic!

(L)The largest gown worn there was a little troublesome to wear but it did catch our eyes. It was so heavy I bet the young lady might have her back sore a little. (R) This lady from Pampanga might be doing Paskuhan Village a thing or two but I don't think its going to work. Her very Asian features might mistake her for someone from Vietnam or Malaysia.

(L) She had trouble carrying that head dress but it looked good on her. Something from a festival again right? I think its good, not going to stand out that much though. (R) Now look at her, very simple yet VERY VERY CLASSY! I like this non OVER THE TOP dress that fits her fine elegant look. With her hair put back like that everybody looked at her like she dropped from heaven.

The night ended with Ms. Tanauan City winning both the Talent Portion and the Best National Costume. I was not surprised. Everyone was happy for her. Although we were a little upset why she didn't get in the top 10. Anyway, there will be another day to meet these ladies in fabulous Puerto Princesa City on June 5, 2011 that's a Sunday and it will be telecast live on ABS CBN at 10:00 PM make sure you get your schedules fixed.

Here's your top 10 Finalists for Ms Earth Philippines 2011!

Thank you so much to Thunderbird Resorts Rizal and everyone who made this trip to the East well worth while. Thank you to Carousel Productions too who I worked with when Star Olympics was still existing. Thanks you also to Iris and Montsch Acosta for the ride back to Manila, you guys are a lifesaver! LOL!


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