Songs That Would Definitely Bring Back the Times

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sometimes you miss their music and you can't get it out of your head. The only thing that would satisfy you is to listen to them again live. The angelic American rock goddess Stevie Nicks was already an institution when I began appreciating music in the late 80's. I initially thought she was part of the Rolling Stones then but I was wrong... she had her own brand of music and until today; she still performs. I wish I had stevie nicks concert tickets so I'd be able to listen to her again. Americans are so lucky to have her near. Wish she had an Asian tour of some sort so I'd have the chance to meet and greet her.

Speaking of angels, did you just hear that? I know all of you know Sarah McLachlan. Her brand of music is so pure and soothing it's all you need when you can't sleep or take that well deserved rest. I even hear this on spa's I frequent to no joke! If this is already one of the things played in meditation rooms around the globe I'm not surprised this Canadian musician, singer and songwriter has sold over 50 million albums. Would you dare not getting sarah mclachlan concert tickets? I thought so!

If you are all beefy, sound good + a western cowboy by heart how can ladies not fall for you? I'm sure you'll be the fantasy of all those girls who like country music. The machismo that exudes you is immeasurable and getting keith urban tickets would be like taking a kid to Disneyland. When I sing his songs, I even get a second look from strangers. I'm not surprised why he was able to get some of his songs in the Country Billboard charts let alone a Grammy Award for "You'll think of Me!" because even if he's from New Zealand his genre has crossed boundaries and made himself one of the best country singers in the US. Institutions like have their show tickets so I'll start from there and check out their concerts. I'm going to feed this urge and see how I can go there soon!


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