Philippine Fashion Week 2011: Human-Kashieca-Bench

Monday, May 09, 2011

Hi guys and gals! I'm back! I promised you "Fashion Overload" last week right?! Well, let me just tell you first that IT was just the tip of the iceberg when I said that! I'd like to show you the collection from the premier brands Human, Kashieca and Bench (yes they did it all in one night) from last Sunday (First day of Philippine Fashion Week). It was one gorgeous stage; we all thought it was going to be plain and classic but I was shocked right from the get go.


Human is a known alternative-lifestyle brand in the Philippines and with the recent changes in the fashion landscape and taste of the Filipino consumer it has continued to evolve. This collection showed just how abrupt their design aesthetic has changed. They wanted to go back with COLOR and that's what we got. This is HUMAN.

Key piece: (1) Red Hoodie- perfect for the weather and should be a classic staple for any guy's closet. (2) Printed Venus cut shirt - easy and still fashionable. Something that would not require you anything to even wear at work should be considered "easy clothing". If you opt for something not too formal but very presentable/something to wear while out at night this is perfect!

Key pieces: (1) Red Printed Pants - It'll be yours if its something "out of the ordinary" that you want to wear aside from the usual blue or black pants you have hanging on your closets. Earth tones to earth tone shades still works this season. No frills clothing for the guy. The female model carried it so well on this shot (2) is the MC Hammer like pants and the leopard print top staying still classy even on new times. I felt the 80's vibe but this is probably their own take on it.

The pants they both wore are printed with hands in different color/shades. I love the shirt on (1) because even if you go black it shouldn't be a reason why you are boring. (2) you probably would need a better body to fit in these two.

Structured yet clean lines on this set.

It was like bringing Africa/The Lion King theme on the runway... or maybe this is their take on what they call the "Urban Jungle". They kept the classic ones and added a couple of colorful pieces. The red hoodie was mostly noticed on my Facebook page and I think I know why. The season is perfect for that now. It can also be layered with shirts from them too. I like the painted pants which would be easy to match with existing clothes and maybe on black or white shirts that can be a staple for any individual. The ladies wore animal prints together with their urban pieces. I also love the structured ones that the men came out of on the last bit.

They played around with prints and jazzed up the classic ones. They didn't stay on plain jane as expected and this one will surely be a hit on teenagers and neo-yuppies who are in the mood for that grungy-urban jungle mix this exudes.


Lights went out and suddenly the stage was filled with flowers of different colors and hues. It was time for KASHEICA, the brand known for dressing up the country's most gorgeous and elegant women!

Voila! And this chic stage was going to be witness to this awesome collection. Let me start off with these pieces:

Japanese inspired but they made them with clean lines and again, one thing you can't go wrong with as a day dress/skirt is plaid! I like (2) for the patchwork and gray textile overcoat. It wouldn't be too heavy to carry around if you want to just stay using the inner blouse.

Key piece: Short shorts! (1) There's nothing perfect to show those great assets than these shorts. Something very light or in this case white plus the kashmir feel top would be nice on windy - cool - not so sunny weather. (2) Classic lines that would be great for work clothes. I would definitely recommend this over other heavy coats as it stays breathable. With the tropical weather we have it does make sense! It would also work for thin framed women of course! Darker shades would be used otherwise.

For a quick stroll in the park or options for outdoor day dresses these are two options you can do. (1) Printed floral with gray embellished edges and long sleeves with an earth tone base (shades of gray or brown) day dress can be used for outdoor parties/Sunday events. (2) Long oversized shirt can be worn with a belt to cut off attention and show waistlines. I'm sure your man would want this one for you!

Randy Ortiz for Kashieca - HOMAGE

This great scent was strong and woodsy - musky but still very feminine. I bet this would be a nice addition to their line as they embark on a new "designer perfume" from Randy Ortiz called HOMAGE. This was the best thing I got to witness in that show. You know how I love shooting women on this setting right?! It was both HIGH FASHION and GLAMOROUS... I admit, I had goosebumps witnessing how those models came up one by one on the platform and staying so chica on poses that you'd probably witness in Vogue or some of those high fashion magazines. I thought I was dreaming, just look at this!

Stage changes to a more floral red - Japanese theme

Everything darkens... then with suspenseful music these ladies came out! So chic! So Fashown!

One by one they came on the platform
High Fashion pose then *HOLD* !

They fill up the whole thing with these gorgeous gowns and models... just the way I like it!
And then at the end this happens in the frame!

This is my favorite shot of the evening... and if that wasn't enough they do this!

Perfect! (Not just smoke, but the actual perfume was sprayed throughout the venue!)
So go get your HOMAGE bottles now!


I've been using everything that they have in the store since time in memorial. Yes; I know you probably used their scents, towels and whatnot in high school - and those little knickknacks or accessories you can't live without. It's like a common thing for me every now and then to hoard things while in the store. I usually get around 2-4 jeans and probably 2-4 shirts in one go (have the cards to prove it hehe!). This collection was to show off what's in store for this season with BENCH and BENCH BODY. Are you ready?!

They played again with the lights! OMGWTFBBQ!

Now you know who's next...

Key piece: (1) Black long sleeved shirt and ankle ended pants. It's Carlo Guevarra that's wearing that and it has been a trend for most this year to wear pants til your ankle. Looks good with plain shoes/topsider/cloth like designs and if you would like to be current this is the way to go. (2) Preppy yet it can be the things you can use to go out with. Again, emphasis on wearing the pants/slacks above the ankle. It works!

Key Pieces: I hope I'm not mistaken but I think that is (1) Johan Santos of PBB fame and he's wearing something very nice that works. The white shorts and Maroon top makes him a very classy man. Something I think should be worn on Yachts and travels. (2) Kris Bernal wears a solid white top limiting the assets in the same location and made the lower part a little busy with folds and angled non linear pleats. The unevenness of the skirt works wonders and can be worn on cocktails etc.

Rocco Nacino works a Western style red plaid printed top and baggy MC Hammer inspired pants which is one of the top worn things for men in shows abroad. It cuts off also right before the ankle by the boots he wore on this bit.

They were the most applauded people in the show. I'm not surprised but I am quite impressed about how Melai walked the runway. Her walk was very strong compared to some of the veteran models there. She exuded confidence and it showed on stage.

Melai and Jason sweetens things up! Melai's dress was so chic, Jason had that western vibe too!

Girls almost fainted at the sight of him.
He's Coco Martin... and plaid is as good as he is.. they did say that!
This plaid cape coat worn by Angelica Panganiban was a sight to behold.
It's something explosive indeed!
Rayver Cruz still stayed preppie with this number. His clothes stayed on earth tones much like the ones we saw with the Human line earlier.
Carla Abellana looked cute on this one. The belt and the poofy skirt is the key item here.
Enchong Dee wearing a black and white strapped hoodie and earth toned jeans. This would be perfect for teens like me. (okay I know, not so teens! =) )

For the Finale and Closing that part for BENCH was no other than the beautiful Kim Chiu!

The dress was simple, constructed shirt with this fabric shown as her skirt. She actually has shorts underneath that and you could probably jazz that up with other things. It was really nice from my view!

That was BENCH! =)


For BENCH BODY, it was so nice to see this grand showcase of skin and inner wear. They have been the premier go to store for everything, from basics to sensual their designs have been at par with the best in the world!

Jake Cuenca opens this one!
Then he does that signature pose he did when he opened the show in Araneta Coliseum!

Briefs, Pink or Blue Suits or Boxers, name it they have it all!

Zanjoe Marudo wearing a great leather chain top and Jon Mullaly wears one of the boxers I like!

Lovie Poe comes so sensual in this earth toned number and Rafael Rosell on showy boxers+short pants. She showed great confidence and the latter as expected showed off his lean Capoeira build body.

The gorgeous Georgina Wilson! She sports a black undergarment, perfect for those special moments.
Gerald Anderson shows his physique in this shirt from Bench. You don't need to strip down to be called sexy as he shows it.
Christian Bautista didn't show those abs but he was quite nice looking in this ensemble.
Karylle wore that corset women want these days. It made her look so voluptuous.

Wearing a black shirt is Diether Ocampo. Those guns are continually growing!

Dingdong Dantes wears a simple black shirt for Bench Body.

Closing the show was no surprise! It's Piolo Pascual!

He wore a white shirt underneath a chaleco still with the intention of showing his arms.

It was so nice to see the finale! It was so grand and confetti filled the whole venue. It's the perfect way to start Philippine Fashion Week! Congratulations Ben Chan and the kind people from BENCH for taking care of me. I forgot the press kit but I think I remembered everything vividly right?! If I missed anything let me know! =)

Thank you so much to Philippine Fashion Week and for hooking me up on this momentous event! I can't thank you enough!

See you at the next show! =)


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