Zumba Your Way to A New You!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Zumba?! Even I didn't know what that means. When I went to this event on a condo right in the heart of Makati; I was as clueless as you are. It sounded like Samba which was one of the things I taught years ago but this probably had a twist to it. I was in for something extra ordinary, I was in for something new. I work out regularly up until I had a flu months ago and I admit I'm having a very hard time going back to the gym. I don't even know how I'd be able to get that urge to go back because I was trying to find something new, one that would excite me and get results.

I was a bit "wrongly dressed" so I stared from the sidelines for the occasion because as you can see they all had workout clothes. Ahh.. so I said "it's a new workout program!" which is something that's not rocket science. But wait, isn't this a Xenical event?! which were the exact words that came out of my mouth as I stared profusely at their posters. The worldwide accepted "obesity cure in a pill" is going to condominiums, villages and directly to consumers to promote a healthier lifestyle. They noticed a pig, oh sorry LOL! (I just had to say that fat joke!), BIG percentage of people fall prey to YOYO diets and go back to binging after they lose a couple of pounds because they didn't change the way they live. Xenical is here to introduce Zumba; a dance fitness program created by Alberto "Beto" Perez a dancer/choreographer in Colombia during the late 90's. It combines international/Latin music + dance in an effort to make exercise fun and exciting. It's a very noble cause for Roche to do this... aside from providing Xenical to the Philippines they wanted to share a holistic approach for losing weight and said this is just the beginning!

The beautiful Ms. Bianca Valerio (seen above hosted the event) and people from Xenical, Roche explained details on why they were doing this. They knew how important it is for an individual to stay fit after using Xenical; giving them a chance to experience physical activities and aerobic exercises to eventually change their lifestyle is one of the full proof ways of staying healthy. This is the permanent solution to one of the biggest problems their customers are facing today. That's so nice of them huh?! =)

When the music started, the certified Zumba instructor with her crew started to engage with the crowd. Sure enough, models, moms, teens and guys joined in and gave it a try. The Latin music gave this workout a great kick out of the ballpark. Could you see how they enjoyed it? =)

Checkout Club New You at http://www.newyou.com.ph/ and enjoy the tools that you need to enjoy that new life you always dream of + plus perks at your favorite establishments! Follow the membership requirements and get out of that couch now to start living as THE NEW YOU!

Xenical will come to your favorite condominiums and villages in the next few weeks! Make sure you participate in this great program! Thanks to everyone at Xenical and Roche I really enjoyed that afternoon!


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bino said...

triny mo ung zumba? ehehehe

ZaiZai said...

ang ganda naman ni ms bianca valerio..pag nag blonde siguro ako kamukha ko na sya haha :) zumbe looks like a lot of fun, triny mo ba?

KUMAGCOW said...

nope... pero parang latin lng yun... yakang yaka :)