Julien Drolon's "Phil So Good"

Friday, May 06, 2011

A native of Nantes, France; Julien Drolon introduces his kind of music into Philippine shores. I've seen quite a lot of artists come and go but he looks promising. Have you heard of "Phil So Good"?! I downloaded it off http://www.orangemagazinetv.com which is it's exclusive online resource and listened to it half heartedly. I mean why in the world would a French guy sing something Filipino inspired in the first place. Do you remember the Larusso craze a few years back?!

She sang in French but everybody still danced to her tunes. Julien Drolon used English and Filipino lyrics in this song instead. To me that is quite ingenious. Foreign artists usually stay with their mother tongue since they will eventually sound funny if they try and inculcate their music with ours. His reggae-pop funk-rock sounding vibe plus a mix of Jason Mraz, Bob Marley, Jamiroquai as influences made a "feel-good" sounding tune throughout the track. I think he's definitely ready for a major album and if he sticks to being accessible language wise unlike his French predecessors he would get a better chance of hitting it off BIG here in Manila. Starting up, he'll release the Phil So Good album this May. He's currently working with producers Jack Rufo and Angee Rozul; and I wouldn't be surprised if they hit and dominate the airwaves soon. They need to continue marketing him and his style of music so it could reach a broader demographic than just plain reggae ja right!

"It’s a place that is blessed with amazing musicians that want to collaborate on the making of my album and Filipinos are music lovers”

The market though for reggae sounding music is a little unappreciated in these shores. You can probably note only two of them i.e. Tropical Depression, Peacepipe who made good in this genre of music. Should he venture more into that though without going through the dreadlocks and all that jazz?! Will he make it far?! I don't know the answer but as I said from the looks of it... he's quite promising.

So peeps, go ahead and download it off http://www.orangemagazinetv.com and see if he's at par with your taste. He definitely passed mine. =)


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Bino said...

sige mapakinggan nga hehehe

Jeman Villanueva said...

very nice.