In The Name of Love

Monday, May 09, 2011

What would you do for love?

How far would you go to get it?

It's extremely hard to answer these questions yet a lot of us can relate to this story. Would you be willing to die just for the sake of it? Would you risk your life just for love?

Star Cinema in it's 18th year Anniversary presents a film by acclaimed Director Ms. Olivia Lamasan. Starring the sexiest woman in the country Angel Locsin, certified hunk Jake Cuenca and the one and only Aga Mulach... promptly titled "In the name of Love".

This has been one whole year in the making and everyone's excited that they finished filming it. I was so glad to have been invited to their press conference last Thursday and it was so nice to see Aga in a different light. In this film I felt he was stripped of his youthful looks. He was purposely aged and fattened up to look the part and the movie was more of a learning experience for him even though he was already a veteran actor. He did so many things in this movie that he hasn't done before and the actual scenes in the movie shows how he felt it was so challenging. Aga playes the role of a Dance instructor who in the movie falls in love with Cedes Fernandez (played by Angel Locsin).

Angel Locsin even got bruised all over but it did not hamper her drive to still perform her role as Cedes Fernandez. She has been with Aga and Jake's character; Cedes couldn't get out of Dylan (the role of Jake Cuenca) and his family the "Evelinos". Out of indebtedness and respect for the political family she offered herself and her love but couldn't get out of it for dear life. She knows it is so dangerous be in it but she never knew it was doubly hard to get out of it. It might cost her and Emman Toledo's life which is played by Aga Mulach. All she wanted was to be accepted even with all her flaws in life. She needed LOVE.

Jake Cuenca as Dylan Evelino; was tasked to carry on the family's political dynasty and run as vice-mayor of Tabang, Lambatan. He had good political intentions but he might just use his family's political prowess to get what he always wanted; the love of Angel Locsin's character Cedes Fernandez. It was obsessive love with her though that might just push him to the edge.

This is one for the books! I'm sure this will be another blockbuster film from Star Cinema!

Make sure you watch the Premier Night on May 10 7:30PM at SM Megamall and regular showing on May 11 on theaters nationwide!

Here are some of my shots from the press conference!

Angel Locsin and Aga Mulach stars on this movie.
With hunky actor Jake Cuenca.

I hate seeing her play mother roles because she's still so beautiful after so many years in showbusiness. Ms. Carmi Martin!
Did I forget to say Angel Locsin was gorgeous?! ^_^

The cast sat just right beside me. :)
This was when they were hounded by reporters.
Did I forget to say it again? LOL She was so beautiful!

Jake Cuenca, Aga Mulach and Angel Locsin was so game in answering questions.
Director Olivia Lamasan on another masterpiece!

Direk Olivia M. Lamasan, Aga, Angel and Jake laugh it off on some of the questions by the press.

Enrico C. Santos (photo above - a great writer!) and Ms. Olivia M. Lamasan explained that you should watch the movie right from the very beginning since it is what you call a non linear story. You wouldn't figure out the story just from watching the trailer itself. There are lots of twists and turns and you'll only know and find out the actual characters if you watch the movie. Need I say more? Go ahead and watch it huh?! =)

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