The Painful Process of Eliminating Debt

Friday, May 06, 2011

It's always a bummer when I learn something like this. My friends are in debt again and they always run to me borrowing money. Don't get me wrong I really want to help them but I can only do so little. I thought they were already thru with the borrowing and excessive spending but apparently not. I'll probably recommend some help institutions because they need experts. I'm not a debt guru and it probably would be wise if they find one online. The deal is they need the best advice they can get from people who are certified to do so. I wouldn't want them to settle with hearsay or something not based on facts. The time to recover from the effects of the economic turmoil is now.

Maybe I'm doing something right because I haven't been in that situation since I started working. I may have been doing something right. I've learned to manage my finances quite early and still have more to pay for bills at home and help my folks. I've always wanted to do that and so far I've accomplished these things easily because I know how to set my goals early and strive to excel. How I do it is not an exact science but there are proven ways to do so. Listen to certified professionals and you'll probably be better off and out of debt. Who doesn't want to be free from it right?!

Have you ever been under debt? What did you do to overcome it? Let me know!



Iamkikiabotz said...

john kumikita k b dito? hehe paturo

kryeptonian said...

No. I've always made sure that have enough money to pay for the bills. The trick for me is to not spend more than what I am earning. It's tough and it's not easy. Temptations are everywhere hehe - wyatt

KUMAGCOW said...

@d7ddf66705610cbab77fbefeff8a97cb:disqus maybe maybe hehe talk through PM

KUMAGCOW said...

Pero sometimes its so hard diba?