Fujitsu Unveils Lifebook Series

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Laptop computers are much of a "necessity" in the corporate world. I haven't even met an Executive without one and in things like conferences, presentations and personal use; it has been one of the handiest things since the inception of the TV remote control. I wouldn't be able to manage quite well without these tools. We all need it to be powerful yet energy efficient. We want it to be good looking just like me but often times it suffers on quality. How can you have an efficient laptop computer that can suit your lifestyle? This is what Fujitsu answered last April 27, 2011.

B Series
Lifebook BH531

N Series
Lifebook NH751

S Series
Lifebook SH761

Lifebook SH561

A Series
Lifebook AH531

Lifebook MH330
With Meego!

L Series
Lifebook LH531 (Ruby Red Color Available!)

Lifebook LH701

P Series
Lifebook P771

Weather it is for work, play or social networking Fujitsu answers back with these new Lifebook Computers that can fit your lifestyle. I specifically like the Lifebook P771. It is the Professional notebook with biometrics + data encryption security, lightweight + mobility and reliability features that you always expect to see in a corporate notebook and more. Battery life is astounding and spill resistant keyboard when that coffee break accident happens to you. What more can we ask for in a Laptop computer right? I know, I was there!

Edmund Lim the Product Marketing Manager of Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific shows us how GREEN the Lifebook Series can be. Imagine an almost 0% electric consumption when the laptop is not being used/on standby. It can literally be equated to a thousand or more trees saved if all laptops were like these!

They also assured us of great after sales support when we encounter problems with the laptop computers and an optional extended warranty period if you avail of it. They can immediately replace those which would be found defective even if they guarantee it wouldn't have any hitches as shown on videos of their stress tests. I can't imagine they put these devices into those machines! They even dropped some of them but it still works! Imagine how would that equate to the real world when you get one too.

Do I need to convince you more?! I thought so.

Congratulations to Fujitsu Philippines and Asia Pacific for this wonderful launch!


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