Philippine Fashion Week 2011 - 10 - Danilo Franco

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The first thing that came into my mind when I saw the invite was the question "Why 10?". It was because of 10 designers... Danilo Franco, Edgar Allan, Edgar San Diego, Eric Pineda, JC Buendia, Johnny Abad, Noel Crisostomo, Noli Hans, Richard Papa with SLIM's Salvacion Lim Higgins; this show promises to be one fine "fashion overdose" again. I don't mind at all because it's the reason I wanted to cover Philippine Fashion Week. The runway was set for 10 collections to come out and here we go!

Danilo Franco

Danilo Franco's work comes to me as very detailed and very ethnic inspired. He uses the best local fabrics and make them very classy. He probably worked with Pineapple/Jusi/Silk Fibers. It all looks very expensive. I wouldn't be surprised if his clientele would compose of politicians, or people from the government in general. The Filipiniana-modern twist in each of his creations are thoughtfully made. If you see the intricacy of the embroidery on the skirts you know people took a lot of time to finish that.

(1) Pseudo Japanese form of the blouse glistens because of the right material used for it. Front part had red-blue detail and an exposed the belly button. It didn't come too sexy and it was just right. (2) I loosely imagined this was something that Moses' Mom would wear because of that yellow headpiece/veil.. the key thing here though is that very intricate embroidery on the black top and the ones also seen in the side of the pants. Really impressive!

(1) Headpiece looks like something a guy from a Muslim country would wear, Malaysian inspired? I still like the material and the ways that this can probably paired with other things for the bottom. (2) See what it did to this while wearing pants of a different material. It pops up nicely and emphasizes the top garment.

(1) Honestly the shawl didn't work for me but+1 for the effort in wanting colors with this. A different one maybe better. If you get reds or maybe stayed with just primary ones it would. (2) This guy's coat? I WANT! I think it looks very smart even if it is native. This would be perfect for formal occasions.

(1) I am fond of the black on black deal but he stayed away from purely doing that by unleashing white details on the shirt and sleeves. I like the white wraparound too. It's a great alternative to the usual tux for award giving bodies and whatnot. (2) Oooh! Color! I like the skirt! (well not for me duh!) but I like how it would fit and look like on women. Look at the embroidery again and the length used, imagine the work put on that.

(1) Very nice detail on the skirt again, the black overall works as well. This is very chic. (2) Do you even know who that is? Yeah! America's Next Top Model Cycle 10's Claire-Aimee "Claire" Unabia. She went here to support Philippine Fashion Week and the industry itself. They have a cause too, against human trafficking.

As if that wasn't enough here is the gorgeous Charo Ronquillo. (1) The blue Venus cut dress is very modern and I imagine this can be used on a whole day affair. You can probably do an office - nighttime change with this one. (2) The red version of it on the other hand still shows the same detail.

(1) The white silhouette worked in this dress. More of a daydress; or maybe a first date thing that a woman can wear. Something that still stays hidden but still sexy. I'll ask my single friends about it. (2) Meanwhile, I know there must be a God up there... two words... Danica Magpantay. Ford Models Supermodel of the World 2011 winner. She wears that skirt so nicely. The embroidery is great too. Overall, this was one great lineup showcasing his attention to detail and craftsmanship. I'd vote him for official Presidential designer if we had a woman President. Staying ethnic and have that classy feel, I think he's one great designer to watch out for.

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pusangkalye said...

ang daming collections ang napuntahan mo.waaah!!!!

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeah and this is just the second day! Haven't finished the day actually. :)

rjnaguit said...

sosyalll :)

AXL Powerhouse Prod. said...

bigatin yung designer... ang ganda ng pagkapormal wear :D 

KUMAGCOW said...

 Di naman RJ hehehe :) Watch out for the next ones!

KUMAGCOW said...

 Thanks AXL! :)