The Importance of Automobile Repair and Education

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cars have been one of the things we always dream of. It's one of those high ticket items that you thought would celebrate your social status and get you where you want to go. Although these days; owning one has become a necessity. When you get it we don't expect the actual cost of logistics and maintenance and think that everything will be perfect. If there was something I learned about the hard way in owning one this would be it. The short drives to and from the office that I do always was smooth until the car broke down in the middle of the road. I didn't know panic until that day boy was it a great big introduction. It got stuck in a main thoroughfare and people were already honking in every direction. I did not know who to call since I was totally clueless about car repair. When I thought that was enough; my cell phone battery also went dead. This was one of those days when you wish it shouldn't have happened. The situation called for an expert and I almost ran out of luck. Good thing a friend saw me there and immediately went out of his way to help me put the car at the side of the road; and eventually get some help.

The car was pulled out and I had to go back to work. I talked to the technicians and they said I need to have the car diagnosed to see why it wouldn't start. I know it was going to be expensive but I had no idea what would be the justifiable price range. It was the first time I was going to do this and I did not want to be charged incorrectly for it. There are several shops within my area but since I had warranty they got my 2003 Toyota PRIUS sent to the actual manufacturer. The repair estimate was done fast after that and it would have cost me a fortune if not for the warranty they employed. I was so glad they covered it otherwise I wouldn't have the funds to spend for that. Finally; luck was able to catch up with me.

That was the time that I knew I had to learn a thing or two about how to fix things. If you go out totally clueless about something that you own there would come a time that you would need a whole car encyclopedia to understand things. Good thing there are reputable sites like REPAIRPAL.COM that you can look at when you need all the help you can get. Check them out if you need help about repair estimates, car terminology that you need to understand or simply get someone to help you within your area. It's a good thing!

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Car Dealership Columbia said...

Car repair is no fun for anyone, but the best thing to do is stay on top of routine checkups, replacements and other minor things.  This way, drivers aren't stuck with a big bill stemming from a larger inconvenience.  

KUMAGCOW said...

True... btw I sold the car already LOL

Tires Overland Park said...

Was that an old Toyota Corolla model?  I've got a '08 Camry and I love how it handles.  So far, *knock on wood*, the repairs have been pretty basic after about 30k miles.

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeap it is... well it hasn't really given me trouble that much... its a neat ride if its just from home to office, fuel efficient too