VISUALZINE Art+Fashion Public Exhibition Culminating Party

Monday, May 30, 2011

VISUALZINE Art+Fashion Public Exhibition Culminating Party

I am so blessed! I got the chance to meet my Sensei's Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas again. This was in an event by The Fashion Academy Manila called VISUALZINE Art+Fashion Public Exhibition Culminating Party; and of course I wouldn't miss this for the world! A lot of celebrities, models and people from the fashion industry who attended the event to celebrate things to come from The Fashion Academy Manila and this new photo-magazine.

Maxene Magalona makes history as she graces this one's cover. She didn't hold back and ravaged out of that teen image with high fashion poses in all her glory.

"It's time!" as Maxene says and because she trusts the guys behind this epic project i.e. Raymond Guttierrez and Xander Angeles. The outcome has definitely shown what my Sensei Xander and his team can do with the simplest image and awesome lighting he's known for. You should all get a copy, it's a good conversation piece/coffee table book equivalent if I may say so.

Bubbles Paraiso, Xander Angeles, people from Team Manila Graphics (sorry name recall is another trait I'm not good at) and my other Sensei Niko Villegas having fun at the launch! Yes, if you see them Raymond Gutierrez and Frank Magalona is at the back. I have other shots so you'll see em there!

Oh there! Maxene Magalona, very pretty in person! Tim Yap who hosted the show and Raymond Gutierrez in his Art Directorial debut.

Here are some of my Sensei's works shown in The Podium as part of the public exhibit

(No copyright infringement intended, just for show; all works shown are by Xander Angeles)

My apologies for the flare (intended) just to show I took these shots from large prints shown in the event. Prints are by Epson.

Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez with her hair blown out; and very nice bokeh.
Gorgeous Georgina Wilson, simple and elegant.
Coming out of the shadows, Lovi Poe. Really nice seeing her in a different light.
KC Montero in this Emo moment. Who would have thought he's got it like this! =)
John Hall, very masculine indeed.

How can anyone not love Solenn Heussaff... what a sight to behold!
I love this one specifically, I love the intended streaks of flares and the lights around her. Think about how much light they used on this one... it made me think heheh =)
This is Frank Magalona, son of the Master Rapper Francis M. Nice and hot huh? Girls like him a LOT!

Look at Maxene Magalona here, she definitely knows what she's doing...
Wham Bam High Fashon overload!

Now do you see why I idolize my Sensei? =)

Aside from photography, there are a lot of classes available in The Fashion Academy Manila for different levels of Advanced Photography, Fashion Styling, Ramp Modelling, Print, Graphics Design, High Fashion/Editorial and Personality Development among others. I suggest you look into these options for your companies; you might need to get their services for your employees. Learning from industry experts (with tons of practical experience) would give you the edge and that X Factor people look for at these times. It makes your people a whole lot better in the long run!

Excited for the next issue? Look out for who's gonna be in the cover!

Need I say more?!

Kapish?! =)


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