No to Injustice!

Monday, May 09, 2011

I had a friend who got into a huge fight a couple of months ago and it was not the usual run of the mill altercation. It was huge and dangerous. They had thrown defamatory words, accused each other of lying and thrown glass bottles. I knew if someone got hit it'll be the hospital story next. I didn't want to get in the way because I might get involved. Sure enough the rest of the neighborhood heard the commotion. Some called the cops and they got them to stop. The story didn't end there though because they probably answered back too much that the officers wanted to get them to the station. They got arrested. Without any warrant of arrest or lawyers they just got them inside the cell. They wanted to hold them that weekend because they wouldn't be able to post bail. Courts open on Monday. If they had the chance to do that they already would be spending almost 72 ours in incarceration. Imagine an Engineer in that place together with criminals who probably committed robbery, theft or even murder. It was one of the worst things that can happen to anyone and we desperately tried to get him out by reasoning with the policemen. They didn't even offer us legal assistance and this was the time I wished we had Beverly Hills Attorneys to help us out on this ordeal. I knew then that he needed all the help he can get.

There are unscrupulous individuals here and abroad. Justice should always be served to anyone; even to those wrongly accused. Police brutality or injustice should never happen. This should also apply to anyone, anywhere in the world! I wouldn't want a loved one or a friend to suffer the consequences of an intolerable justice system and I wouldn't hesitate to seek help of experts in criminal defense. I know my rights and I'll fight for it no matter how long it takes if I'm in the same situation. I'll make sure my family gets the same predicament too.

Why would you settle for anything less? If this happens to you would you be willing to spend time in jail just to get justice? Let me know!


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