Joe D'Mango is Back on LOVE NOTES!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

And he's back! Joe D'Mango hosts Love Notes on DZMM; comin out this week!
Love is such a hard thing to talk about on public radio. There are only a couple of people that you can trust your stories with and make sense out of it. That's what popular DJ Joe D'Mango has been doing in the past few years and he's back from early retirement but seen in the stables of DZMM; the AM radio arm of ABSCBN network.

The one and only VP for Radio Peter Musngi graced the event to welcome this icon of Philippine Radio.

Ms. Mara Faner, the beautiful Station Manager of DZMM welcomes this new KAPAMILYA!

It was so nice seeing Jo D'Mango that afternoon. It seemed like everyone was eager to listen to him speak. I too am longing for those love songs and real time advice he's planning to do on his show. They will be using Social Media to make this even better than his previous shows. Imagine how fast he's going to give love lessons this time. He's got a beautiful family too!

Joe will listen to your story, so come share it with him Tuesdays and Wednesdays 12AM to 4AM on DZMM.

I didn't know he was happily married! A beautiful wife and kids, he must be the luckiest guy I know. =)

He was known for LOVE NOTES his popular radio show and He's back to bring that glory in AM radio programming. This will air every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 mn to 4am in the morning. Nocturnals and brokenhearted men and women will surely have another reason to stay awake as he continues to help those who have letters about the matters of the heart. He's got segments like "Echoes of the Heart" and "Love Quotes" and anew one called "Ito ang Tawag ng Pagibig" where people can dedicate love songs to their special someone.

Are you ready to love again? Are you ready to share with the world that feeling that LOVE brings? Then it's time to listen to LOVE NOTES via DZMM Teleradyo 630 khz and live streaming through

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Mekinudols said...

W=O=W!!! No more wave891?? anyhoo.. gudlak sa AM.. hehe welcome back to the airwaves Sir Joe!