Saving: A Good Thing

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I pay for the groceries. I spend quite a lot to have a descent pantry. I usually lasts a month. It costs around a few hundred dollars to a thousand and I'm not joking. I'm lucky because I get everything by bulk. I don't have those discount cards because most establishments don't even honor them at all. Online coupons may actually prove to be a better option because most of them are initiated by the brand or entity themselves. Getting a few dollars off on the things I get in bulk would practically mean big savings. In a year that will probably mean a few thousand dollars which I could spend in more beneficial trips outside the country. I've heard some coupon lovers even save thousands of dollars. Who would dare say I couldn't do that?

I wouldn't want to end up a hoarder but I'm sure reputable sites that have on line coupons can also have their list updated. They probably know what we need at a given time and if that happens they will have more consumers patronizing their products and services. Businesses know that it's the return customers who should be given priority. Making these connections is essential for a business to grow. How you compensate in getting your savings to fit your budget is what would make your life a little better. If we save a lot from coupons in these hard times then it'll be economically possible for us to survive any financial problems. Isn't that a good thing?


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Steph Traveliztera said...

i love online coupons and i definitely saved a lot cos of those stuff!