Charice Pempengco's Father Stabbed to Death in Laguna

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

This just in. We just got news through ANC that Charice Pempengco's Father was stabbed to death in Laguna.

Born Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, this young girl was dubbed by Oprah as the most talented girl in the world. Some feud over the use of her surname early on her International career prompted her to just use CHARICE as a screen name (as her Dad and her biological Dad's family refuse to use it for their last name). In video biographies, her Dad was portrayed "violent" early on and this started the rift between them and her father. Not to be stopped she still pursued a career in the US; received high acclaim too. The Father on the other hand stayed to be never seen for a long time. The last time was when she was 3 years old. Now that this news has come up, what would her reaction be?

As of now, the cause of death is still under investigation. But it has been confirmed that he is dead. My condolences to Charice and her family. No matter how good or bad he was, he's still Charice's father.

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Francis Balgos said...

kawawa naman! 

ZaiZai said...

kawawa naman si charice at ang daddy nya :(

glentot said...

Just heard it sa news kanina... wawa aman...