Dirt Bike Weekend at NUVALI: A Place Like No Other!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This weekend, I had a BLAST! That's an understatement. This was actually my first time to go to a place called NUVALI in Sta. Rosa, Laguna: a prime property owned and operated by giant Ayala Land as their flagship project in the South. Incidentally, they were holding NUVALI's Dirt Bike Weekend 2011 (happened November 26-27, 2011). This is the biggest bicycle trail race in the metro as 2,500+ participants from all over the Philippines converge in NUVALI to put the pedal to the metal. There were various events for different classes. They went through the same routes though. It was astounding to see athletes, enthusiasts and their family watching on the sidelines. I can hear people cheering them on while fighting for those top places, it really gave me goosebumps remembering my biking days. I almost bought one right after that!

It wasn't just perfectly testosterone filled because there were several female bikers as well. These guys here were shouting to support their bets for the intermediate class of riders. It was exhilarating and exciting, I wanted to grab a bike and try the course myself!

The place as you can see is majestic! The weather was perfect as well. I haven't seen anything like this in Manila/Quezon City because NUVALI seems so special. This lifestyle was thriving there. A lifestyle set in all the 1,750 hectare property.

It was also nice knowing that there were several events happening as well. The 24 hour race where they need to check in with time chips measuring how far they can go in that span of time; a real test of strategy and endurance. Huge boulders and metal frames also served as obstacles for the contingent from Davao showing their expertise in Stunt Bikes ala BMX experts. It was a good show! I didn't know we had world class tricks done in our home land. Speaking of shows, that thing ended with a BANG as back to back performances by Paramita and Urbandub + a lot of other bands happened in the after party.


Looking Around NUVALI...

Well, a trip to NUVALI wouldn't be complete if you won't go to their main building. It houses some of the great activities inside the community.

This main building houses an office they actually have to receive guests and explain how NUVALI runs this place with Eco-sustainability. It has been their prime goal since they opened this place; and by the looks of it, they are succeeding. Outside of it is a lagoon which is very special because one of their main "attractions" live here.

That's thousands upon thousands of COI living in this great body of water right smack in the middle of NUVALI. You can actually feed these awesome luck inducing creatures too! There are several packs of fish food you can purchase in the facility if you want to.

Not just that! There are also several boats that you can rent so you can roam around the lagoon and take a breathtaking view of NUVALI from the water.

I had some of my fellow bloggers also with me to enjoy the ride!

Yes, this place is huge! They actually some parts closed but will be open soon. They are planning to get this even bigger!

Some of my friends opted to get a different boat. Nice panning shot eh?! Of course that's my shot! =) It was really fast!

Just see the multitude of people and the whole Ayala Land facility in NUVALI. You should definitely see this up close!

NUVALI has exceeded my expectations. The wide open spaces we see in New York Central Park or Yellowstone Park in CA might actually be appealing; but now that we have NUVALI in Laguna this would be one perfect place to visit or live in. I would definitely have to see this place again soon! You should bring friends and family and experience the awesome DIRT BIKE WEEKEND next year; and what people call a paradise in the south. NUVALI; is indeed a place like no other! It's where people like you, me and nature come together. It's HEAVEN on Earth!


For more information about NUVALI

Please visit their website


Or call

0917-5-ASKNUV (275688)



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Female bikers? Woohoo! Chicks rock! Bikers' photos scream 'adrenaline rush'!

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ganda nga:)at grabe ang daming coi, di na sila kasya sa pond