PENSHOPPE Mario Maurer Fan Conference

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thousands lined up just to get a glimpse of him. May it be the Philippine Fashion Week show or the actual Penshoppe Fan Conference, we just can't get enough of OH OH MARIO!

I love Penshoppe and so do you! So it is actually the right time now to release some of the photos I got from the PENSHOPPE Mario Maurer Fan Conference. When all the rubble and smoke is gone, here I go heating things up once again to answer the mystery why people adore the boy.

Are you ready?!

Thanks to Ms. Joyce and Ms. Jad of Publicity Asia for hooking me up with this tag. It got me to places where only those who love Penshoppe can only go. To tell you honestly, I didn't know I would get this til the last minute. Since I love Penshoppe that much, the gods above must have heard my prayers and made PENSHOPPE love me too (^_^)v. I was excited to say the least! Seeing a throng of people outside the venue I said to my self, oh my... this is Mario Maurer's love overflowing from the PICC, imagine all this people under the sweltering heat of the sun just for the boy!

Twas a little walk from the entrance but I was so excited to see how they put up the stage and all. I've been here a couple of times and I know how grand the theater is!

True enough, they arranged a mosh pit on the middle and got some posters up on the middle of the stage. PENSHOPPE was all over! I love it! Here's a close look!

Now that's hot!

Mario Maurer must be sent from the heavens above! LOL
People were really screaming on the mere sight of his photo/video. That's how he was adored!

I roamed around and saw these teens sporting their favorite Penshoppe shirts, blouses and jeans to the fan conference. The venue was jumpacked! It was so nice to see those who love Mario Maurer in one place. I felt so blessed Penshoppe brought him to the Philippines!

I kinda know she did a couple of billboards for PENSHOPPE, but now look who's shooting the stills for this campaign of Mario Maurer... she's Ms. Pilar Tuason (on the right, probably her sister on the left) I know her from Bella Lucce and Digital Photographer Philippines. She's quite well known in the industry for Wedding, Maternal, Child Photography and portraiture. I didn't know she's actually doing this bit with Mario Maurer. Oh how I envy her! LOL

The one that's about to take a seat is Bernie H. Liu, the owner of Golden ABC Inc. and his wife on his right. We have them and Golden ABC Inc. to thank for this fan conference! They are the ones responsible for the famous brands Pen­shoppe, Oxygen, Memo, For Me, Red Logo and high end brand Tyler! It looks like they've done it again!

Out comes hunky VJ Utt to tame the fans... but the crowd actually went WILD! LOL

Solenn Heussaff came up the stage and told a little something about the history of Penshoppe, its humble beginnings in 1986 and how the logo has actually changed throughout the years. A little video here and there. Then this gorgeous lady introduced the hottest girl group with Asian descent...

Ladies and Gentlemen... here's BLUSH!

And boy did they perform!


It was actually nice for me to see these girls perform live. I've been rooting for them since their inception. Now that they have worked with the likes of Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg to name a few; there's no stopping this awesome group from various countries in Asia to dominate the world charts! True enough their single UNDIVIDED landed #3 in the Billboard charts just recently... isn't that enough reason to celebrate?! To Victoria, Natsuko, Angeli, Ji Hae and Alisha congratulations on your recent feat! You make us all proud!

Truly a world class act!

Oh and did I forget something?
Happy Happy Birthday Victoria! :)

Then after that, a short message from Alex Mendoza and the people behind Penshoppe was also done. To thank everyone who made this project possible!

If you were there, you would've laughed along with the crowd as comic relief was provided by Jake Galvez and IC Mendoza. Even VJ Utt was a little uncomfortable because whoever didn't get Mario Maurer will get him instead LOL!

PENSHOPPE'S Newest Endorser Mario Maurer

Ms. Joyce Ramirez aka Queen B introduced the reason, the person everybody was there for. He's so charming, good looking and not to mention drop dead gorgeous for a man. Ladies and gentlemen, here's Mario Maurer!

The lights went out and a short video played. Then this smile beamed quite brightly even in that dark stage!

Then a short interview commenced after all that screaming and pandemonium that happened!

I waved at him to get a photo then this shot came along. PERFECT! =)

He wanted to be close with his fans. He wanted to really say how much he loves them! That he did! And more! Mamatay kayo sa CUTENESS! LOL!

This was the part where he asked a couple of fans to come up on stage and have a moment with him!

Even these guys wanted to have a moment with their co-endorser!

When it ended I'm quite sure the fans went home and cherished each smile, each moment and each wave he did while looking at them. His smile was contagious, it makes girls fall down on their knees and tremble in kilig and NOT fear. That's how powerful his look was. I kinda understand why they were so crazy about him. I'm not surprised.

Penshoppe understands the Filipino and Global consumer. It's high time our brands compete internationally. Making sure the right endorsers fall on their side of the fence is essential for the brand. Why would they give you anything less when YOU know you deserve MORE! From Ed Westwick to Mario Maurer... something good is probably up their sleeves. Pretty soon this will be a great vehicle to make our mark in the fashion industry. After all, it's PENSHOPPE!

Need I say more?!


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