Greyson Chance Loves Manila, The Philippines!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Greyson Chance charmed the hearts of millions when he showed up on popular TV show ELLEN and a couple of nights ago I was lucky enough to bare witness with his concert in Eastwood City; a few stones throw away from my office. To tell you honestly I never did pay attention to this kid too much because as you might understand we often see Charice sing in these kind of shows. This was my first time to hear him sing live and boy was I losing more of my life in doing so because I swear, this boy is a genius!

They were not just FANS... they were SCREAAAAAAMING FANS!
I should bring a decibel measuring thing next time LOL

Opening for the show was Asian sweetheart Sabrina, her songs were current and lovely! Smartly chosen too because she had some of the fans singing along with her on covers from Rihanna et al.

Not to mention very Asian, and pretty too!

DJ Mia Bayuga of Magic 89.9 hosted the concert. She stopped every once in a while because the screaming fans were really at it every time she mentioned his name.

He first came out and sat on the Piano... he played a tune and greeted the audience!

He even greeted everyone with MAHAL KO KAYO!

I was amazed how he could sing some of the classics and stay in tune, I should buy his album. He even treated us with a Christmas song to the delight of the almost fainting fans at the venue!

This was the time when he kind of mixed in Manila and the Philippines on the lyrics of his songs. He just made the teens hearts melt.

There were actually hundreds of people outside the venue. He promised to sign around 800 albums, that alone is a testament how he LOVES his fans too.

One smile and he just had the loudest screams from the fans. It was nice seeing him in a different light.

For those who want to have a taste of Greyson Chance and his music, head on to your favorite record bars and look for his self titled album under MCA MUSIC, Inc.

"MAHAL KO KAYO" then the crowd SCREAAAMS!!! I must have said that right" he says jokingly after the concert.

They sang and waved their hands with each song. It looks like Greyson Chance already knows he's going to be successful here and elsewhere in the world. The Philippines definitely love him!

He's more than a one hit wonder, he'll be appearing in more shows soon!


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glentot said...

Greyson Chance aside mas gusto ko magcomment dun kay Sabrina. Maganda oo pero di ako masyado believe sa mga artists na mahilig lang mag-cover ng mga hit songs. Parang riding the waves lang ang dating sa akin hehehehe soweeee.

ardee sean said...

he's really charming.. nice kiddo..

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

hi Sabrina...

Czarina Joyce P. Arnigo said...

I really adore Greyson Chance <3 He is very talented! :)