BUM Holiday Collection 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

When you wear your clothes, there's a fine line about going overboard and just being in a state of style that you want. We have different ways of dressing up in a normal day, nor do we actually see what's normal for you or me. Popular brand BUM finally unleashed their Anime-Dark Side inspired Holiday Collection for 2011; and I had first dibs on their Mall of Asia event!

They opened up the show with awesome CGI effects and anime scenes on the large screen. Whoever did this must have been slaving away throughout the night. Impressed as I am, the show continued with 2 characters coming out of the dark, smoke screen ensues; and these gorgeous winged heroes came out and fought on stage. The music was riveting and full of suspense. After that, gorgeous models came out!

The place was packed with people eager to see their clothes for this season. Their celebrity endorsers were there too! Imagine these creations being sported by Dino Imperial, Bea Binene & Empress Schuck. They had quite a number of screamers there as well!

Check out part II of the video!

I've seen their collection last year and what they were trying to do. The dark, emo, goth and grunge side of fashion is their forte and the ones that patronized them all these years were a generation very close to me since I went that path years ago.

I swear, I LOVE their black and white stripes! If I were a few inch smaller (or maybe a foot smaller LOL) I'd probably wear that everyday. The one on the right is classy and can pass for something to wear in the evening when you're out to rock!

It looks like they are adding a little pop of color on their clothes this season. I like Red. I like the plaid prints and I like how it blends so naturally on their line. It's like blood eh?

More stripes and plaid; and definitely more layers. I like the hoodies, the long sleeve shirts and the skirts for ladies. The thing about BUM is that you can mix and match it with anything that you have on your closet. It'll still look great. If you are into a more edgy, lifestyle changing clothing... make sure you give BUM a first look.

For the winners of Cosplay Competition, the "DARK SIDE" Competition who garnered thousands of votes congratulations! I envy you for your new blackberry and camera! =) Here's to more of BUM and your great themes and designs in the future! Keep doing what you are doing best! Cheers!

P.S. Thanks to Rai Lacoste and the fabulous people behind BUM as always!


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