100 Toys to Heaven

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Guys, play this first! :)

You and I have been watching this series for quite some time now. In fact, today marks the last day of 100 days to heaven. Your favorite Ana Manalastas story will cease to exist in primetime television. I have seen people cry, laugh and get excited on their family's adventures. I spent a lot of time following where the story will end up and I'm quite sad that it is ending.

You probably also have seen that they have been asking for toy donations these past few weeks in an activity titled 100 Toys to Heaven. I witnessed a couple of days ago this gift giving activity and I'm so excited to share this experience with you. Take a look!


This day's recipients were from my old school =) , Kamuning Elementary School

Then Ms Coney Reyes arrived. It's my first time to see her this close!

The kids were so excited to receive their toys! ☺

Xyril Manabat also was there to see the kids! She's good in the series eh?!

Ms Coney Reyes says Xyril is so sweet, she always gives her something before taping an episode, and on this last day she gave her a home made card! Quite pretty!

Now that just made my heart melt.... I love seeing kids this happy!

Let's watch the last episode of 100 days to heaven later guys! Tune in to ABS CBN!




pusangkalye said...

nakakataba nga ng heart. nakakatuwa yung reaction ng mga bata. napaka-spontaneous.:D

ZaiZai said...

saw the last episode and it made me cry. ma miss ko sila. that was such a nice and heart warming event, so good for you to be there and take pics for us to see. thanks kumagcow!