Won't Last A Day Without You

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When there's no getting over that rainbow... when my small list of dreams won't come true. That's probably one of the first line's you'll have a last song syndrome with when it plays on the radio. But there's always something behind that song that you can't actually ignore. You kinda dedicate these kind of things to people you love the most where you can't literally live without them. How I wish I could say that to someone but I'd probably better off spending this Christmas alone... I'm too busy hehehe....

Okay, I'm the bitter one... but I'm definitely not alone because Sarah Geronimo aka H A I D E E in this film actually is also on the same predicament. Gerald Anderson would probably have a hard time convincing me that LOVE is going to be okay later on in the movie but this is interesting. Another blockbuster movie in the making, Sarah and Gerald stars in Won't Last A Day Without You... a film by Raz Dela Torre.

You ain't seen kilig moments yet like this... watch this bit!

I attended the huge press conference with some members of media and a couple of fans. It was pandemonium every time you see those sweet moments together. I must admit I was at the edge of my seat waiting for answers from Sarah Geronimo, as you know everyone was waiting for that connection between the topic of bitterness in this movie and her relationships in real life. She answered them quite beautifully.

They arrived to the delight of the fans and press people. It was actually my first time to see Sarah Geronimo in person. I must say, she is simply pretty.

Sorry about the shadow, that's mine. I was actually 2 feet away from her. Trying so hard to shoot while listening to the crowd scream. Hehe.

Gerald Anderson plays a playboy in this film. GGSS gwapong gwapo sa sarili as Sarah's character says in the movie. I wouldn't blame her if she fell inlove with Gege, he's gorgeous eh?

Those small moments in between where they kind of touch each other in a sweet way. Even they were a little bit uncomfortable because everyone else was watching them.

They promise to let you see how to change someone's point of view about love. If you are still bitter about something, it's time to let go and make something good about relationships and how to enjoy it.

Now if you are not convinced about the sweet scenes in these photos then I don't know what else can be better. Maybe if you watch the film then that's the best substitute. By the way, she almost cried just simply talking about relationships. Gerald Anderson says this was actually the time they got very close, all his secrets were even confided. It's serious news that they are good friends right now, if it develops into something even better then they are all for it. Sarah says she would prefer something permanent, that if she loves again she wants that to be the final guy she's going to be with. Gerald would definitely pass for that. This film by the way is a project by VIVA FILMS and STAR CINEMA. It's nice seeing film outfits working together with superb actors!

Make sure you lineup on theaters come November 30, 2011 to be shown nationwide! I love Sarah and Gerald, they are quite a cute couple. Sa mga bitter tara na! Let's watch this film! Nyahahah!

And because I love you this much! Here's some excerpts from the Press Conference!


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 mabuhay ka berl LOL you are business class! LOL