CocaCola - Araneta Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Sunday, November 13, 2011

When you celebrate Christmas in this part of the world, it wouldn't be complete without seeing the biggest tree of em all!

This year, Coca Cola has understood why people celebrate this season this "long" in the Philippines and to make it even better they did this stint in Araneta Center as a sense of paying back to the people who made their drink number one in the land!

What special thing can COKE do in this time of the year? They can combine stars from rival networks like ABSCBN/GMA! Breaking boundaries, giving you the best of both worlds. Just imagine these stars dancing, singing and even giving out some of the best things eaten with your favorite drink Coca Cola!

I was so glad to see Enchong Dee again, (remember the Maria La Del Barrio presscon a while ago?!) and good thing he remembered me when I came up to him. It's so nice to be genuinely connected like that. I hope he did read the article I wrote for their series. :) I'm inkling for an Enchong-Erich love team hehe.

With nice deep set eyes that glisten when you look at em that afternoon, that's Mara Hautea Schnittka also known as Julia Montes. She was gracious enough to look at me when I waved from the sidelines. Isn't she pretty?!

Julia Montes and Kathryn Bernardo was actually there giving out Siopao and Siomai. No joke!

Giving out Popcorns and Cotton candies was the equally sweet Jessy Mendiola. Ako BUDOY! =) Heheh..

Jessy Mendiola and Joseph Marco... giving out Cotton Candy and Popcorn =) I felt like I was in Coney Island hehe =)

Aaron Villaflor got me one or two sticks of barbecue. :) I'm on a diet haha!

Empress Schuck on the other hand was giving interviews + my favorite DILLY bar from DQ! That was sweet!

A little later in the afternoon I saw this cute couple hehe. Actually, to tell you honestly I was looking for them. I was going to introduce myself to Rocco because I got to shoot him in several Philippine Fashion Week seasons. He's a bud on twitter, and he was so nice in person! I remember his photo last year very well because I had to edit part of his eye, wawa yan eh coz I think he had an accident with his kickboxing training. It was really nice meeting you! c^^,)

What I like about celebrities like him is that they remember. It's a small feat and by golly I wouldn't blame them for the thousands of people they meet everyday. It was so nice to see he remembered me. That alone tells he's genuine. He said thank you too. That ladies and gentlemen made my day. I mean who am I to be thanked for by a celebrity right? LOL I was also excited to see them perform later in the evening. I'm sure they haven't slept that much but had to do a couple of dance routines for the Coca Cola event. Kris Bernal was so nice too. They are officially my favorite KAPUSO stars. Sorry but I just had to say that. =)

The people from Coca Cola Philippines know how important Christmas is for the Filipino so they made sure we know what particular soft drink brand to get when we get to the stores. After all, Coca-Cola is tradition! There's no other drink that has that bite that happens when its cold.

Joining us also that evening was the Binibining Pilipinas winners this year. Even Shamcey Supsup was there to grace the occassion!

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Then the countdown begins... 10, 9, 8...

7, 6,5, 4, 3...

2.. 1.. Merry Christmas!

Then this tree lit up! =)

And of course our face lit up too! It gives you that feeling we always get when it's Christmas! =)

And what more can you do to make this event special but by drinking Coca Cola!

See what happens if they OPEN UP THE HAPPINESS!

Mayor Herbert Bautista was also there together with the Aranetas!

Araneta suddenly became Red and White when confetti flooded the streets of Cubao/Araneta Center!

Kapamilya and Kapuso stars celebrate this wondrous event with Coca Cola on their minds!

The event was even hosted by Kabarkada's... All MYX VJ's!

That's what Christmas magic and Coca Cola can do!
Shape it up with happiness by bringing out their Agaw Eksena contestants!
These powerful singers really did perform!

I guess she was happy like me too! =)

To end the wonderful night this calls for a HUGE celebration!

Kapamilya and Kapuso stars dance it off!

Some of them sang their way to the hearts of the crowd!

And that is how you OPEN UP THE HAPPINESS!

Thank you very much Coca Cola! You really know how to celebrate in a BIG way! If you want to know more how to open up the happiness in your home, make sure you like them on Facebook!



ZaiZai said...

nice pictures! close pala kayo ng bf kong si rocco!

John Bueno said...

Honga Zai di ka na raw nagtetext sa kanya hahaha :)