My House Husband: Ikaw Na! An Intimate Luncheon with Director Jose Javier Reyes

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Director Jose Javier Reyes was so animated in telling us anecdotes about how this movie was made. He also told us about his views on a lot of things about the Philippine Movie Industry, life and love.

It's such a wonderful feeling to talk to someone who makes sense. That's actually one of the perks of doing this. I was excited to say the least when I attended a luncheon a while ago let alone meet one of the country's esteemed Film Directors Jose Javier Reyes. He's got a new film that will also be vying for the top spot in the Metro Manila Film Festival. As you know this year's entries have all been wonderful and the creme dela creme of Philippine movies will only be shown in theaters nationwide. He's optimistic that "My House Husband" will do good in the box office. Why not? When you've got Judy Ann Santos and real life husband Ryan Agoncillo heading the cast it'll surely be a big thing to watch out for. This is not a sequel to the famous Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and the Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo series by the same stars as said by Director Joey but a completely different script from a very good writer. This time he tackles something most machismo driven Filipino husbands resist to be. Imagine being the head of the family but being over shadowed by your own wife; as she becomes more successful than the husband; turning the provider role in total opposites. Ego crushed, people talk about you, you kinda have the picture right?

What irked him was the amount of government support the people in the industry is getting and how it compares to other countries.

It's not really those "Under the Saya" movies; but it's quite close to that... but tweaked a little. That's where you'll find a totally different take on this subject. Director Joey was fun to talk to as he gave us a couple of his witty answers on RE: The Philippine Movie industry and Social Issues. He made us think about our own views even if there was already a story for the movie. There were quite interesting rebuttals but that's gonna be off the record for now. =) He deems the movie industry itself is actually back on its feet. When they said that it was a dying industry then these other new producers weren't around but now they choose to invest in good stories that relatively can be marketed to a wider audience. As much as he wants to just concentrate on the artsy side of things, they have to listen to the ordinary movie goer. People want to forget their problems, people want to be entertained and at the end of the day you need to return the investment too. I love how he was so enthusiastic telling us what he wanted to do in the future; he wanted to work for other directors as well as other writers but finds it difficult to see someone eager to work with him for a project. Octoarts Films Producer Orly Ilacad was there also in the luncheon, he sternly supported Ryan Agoncillo's career and of course did this particular film with Director Jose Javier Reyes. Later on, we even tackled political and social matters. How the government seems to only be doing lip service than do concrete things for the industry. We also talked about Director Joey's life and saw a different light from the serious looking person we seem to have connected his personality with. He's so candid and seriously a VERY GOOD guy.

Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo really had some moments when they really relate to the characters of this movie. They had fun working with the Director also had tons of laughter because the fabulous Eugene Domingo will appear as their next door neighbor. Will she make life more interesting for the two? Find out by watching this film!

I find him very candid and very nice. He did a lot to think about you while making this movie, pay him back by watching it okay?! =)
Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo, Director Jose Javier Reyes and Ryan Agoncillo
for My Househusband, Ikaw na!
(Last Photo from OctoArts Films and their owners. Thanks!

So guys, if you want something REAL this Christmas season make sure you put "My House Husband" on top of your list to watch this Metro Manila Film Festival. You know how to relate to this because its about a family... and yes, it could happen to you or me. This is OctoArts Film's Official Entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. Capisce?!


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Steph Traveliztera said...

... ibang level ka na talaga... 

and i like his answer about ordinary moviegoers... gusto ko to mapanood! 

doryan250 said...

Jose Javier reyes is one of the best directors in the planet not only in the Philippines, I bet this will be a huge success!

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