IPANEMA : Summer Wear by Anthony Nocom, Dave Ocampo, Lyle Ibanez, Raoul Ramirez and Catherine Cavilte

Friday, November 11, 2011

Play this first for some mood music!

To tell you honestly, I've heard this played a lot of times when I was a kid. It was my first connection to Brazil, the first thing I've even heard of the place called IPANEMA. To me it was a place where Bossa Nova was common... the beaches and the women were all grand... life was easy along the Brazilian shore! These days, it's not just easy music. It's a brand of Flip flops that everyone absolutely adores. Best of all, they've collaborated with top designers from Philippine Fashion Week Spring - Summer 2012 collection and this time it's a celebration of those neat things I've heard of about IPANEMA and MORE!

With Summer just around the corner they've brought out the guns and buns to shock and awe everyone in Philippine Fashion Week. Just like Gisele Bundchen these foot candy ain't joking when they said that it's luxurious to wear and carry around. How can you not love these?!

Now if that ain't enough for you imagine this being worn in a Summer Wear collection by models in Philippine Fashion Week and you'll surely love this!

Brand Ambassador Daniel Matsunaga was there to greet IPANEMA lovers!
Isn't he just perfect?!

After hiding in the walls, a barrage of Men and Women came out clad in IPANEMA Flip Flops and their great Summer Wear!

Men wore something reminiscent of Cuban outfits but more on the form fitting style!

They never were afraid of COLORS!

Nor the prints!

Or something formal... Cuban I say! Still looking good in Flip Flops from IPANEMA!

Easy and breezy, colors or prints you can match the perfect little pair if you want to!

You can be hunky and still stay as smart with them all the way!

One thing I found quite overwhelmingly chosen as color is Turquoise, is it making a comeback?!


Sleek and simple to Bold and wildly printed, it just doesn't stop there!

Flip flops worn even on dresses, printed fabric that's perfect for evening parties out on the beach!

Short dresses elongate the legs for a more taller look. The wedges are nice with these outfits!

Dave Ocampo executes this beautifully with colors and prints; quite perfect for the season!

Raoul Ramirez opens up with this almost naked lad. Now that was surprising! I saw some ladies covering their eyes LOL

Relaxed beach wear. Something a little formal going out on a luau party or just on a date

Casual wear and something form fitting for those who have the body.
This is really good to look at and the color choices are astounding!

Men in shorts or trunks in a beach spell sexy with their flip flops too!

Classy even on their shorts and shirts, these guys carried them all so well! I love the flip flops on the right, can anyone get them for me? =)

Cocktail dresses, it doesn't have to be a little black dress.... white ones definitely would be better!

Notice the coat on the left? That's actually very cuban... I kinda remember the vibe from that area looking at it. A cigar would seal the deal. On the right, colors everywhere! It was very striking, maybe if you want to be the talk of the town you could try that!

Now who says you can't wear this with a tux? See how it makes sense doing this on the beach? Maybe if you had your man go to these places and wear IPANEMA you would love the turnout eh?!

There goes the oversized relaxed coat again, very cuban/latino. The right one is so form fitting, if you have someone who's got the body for it, this is a great way to flaunt it!

Go semi formal on the beach with the flip flops you love from IPANEMA, you can't wear anything else otherwise you would look funny!

I love the colors! IPANEMA definitely did something right with the lineup of designers they had for this summer wear line. This one did a psychedelic - 60's vibe. I remember Mike Myers and his movies while seeing this bit. I really like the boxers-trunks they wore.

Very meticulous work on the gown. I love the details. It could be an iconic item.

A continuation of the psychedelic thingy. I love it! Maybe if DARNA were to wear something totally different from her current costume this would be great. The designer definitely had good ideas!

This look a little dated but it would definitely work. I love the turquoise coat. Please please let me get that!

I love the structure of the top and bottom on the left. The dress is definitely a stunner! The coat and slacks is another moment in style. I would love that for myself!

I guess it's time for colors! And this is HOT!

I love how bold they actually went. The long dark blue dress, divine!

Now they turn to different pieces that also had that vibe. I love the greens and psychedelic returns!

I love the flip flops... not so much the overalls. I love the trunks though its a good break from the norm!

Now this is one thing that women would adore! Reds and yellows, its all good!

Make it blue and a neckline like that? I know some friends who would die to have this!

Turquoise and blue greenish colors, its a revolution waiting to happen this season!

This is just amazing, if people dressed up like this all the time everything would be posh!

The color palette and silhouette seems to be so close with the creations of Lyle Ibanez and Dave Ocampo. I love how flowy these dresses turned out to be on the runway. The models were really working it!

Greens and blues, its so cool in the eyes. These designers definitely know their strengths.

Mr. Raoul Ramirez, I am officially now a fan of your work. You have real attention to detail and I love how you courageously used colors and kept it sexy.

Now that's hot! See why I like Raoul's work?!

You make the colors pop like this and it's a done deal!

How can you not like his work?!

I saw a green one like this, and liked it too!

IPANEMA you have definitely outdone yourselves! The dresses were way too hot to handle, the flip flops definitely stood out when they walked out the runway. Gisele Bundchen would've loved to go to this event if she weren't too busy! I'm loving IPANEMA now... I wouldn't be surprised if the general populace wouldn't do the same.

Congratulations on your successful tie up with these fantastic designers. The names Anthony Nocom, Dave Ocampo, Lyle Ibanez, Raoul Ramirez and Catherine Cavilte have definitely made your brand proud of what it is today. Congratulations on a very successful show!


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