Philippine Fashion Week 2012 : PENSHOPPE Brings You INVASION With Mario Maurer

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

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As Penshoppe spreads its wings internationally, another feather to their hat has been added. How can you not love a brand that keeps coming up with the freshest faces, greatest clothes and an international campaign that would be the envy of anyone else in this blessed country of ours. That's what this particular season of Philippine Fashion Week 2012 was waiting for; and its promptly called INVASION!

Last year's show was unparalleled when they set the runways on fire with TRAILBLAZER. The designs were inspired with army suits, British royal guards, leather clad women and probably BDSM inspired. It was reminiscent of what Rihanna, Gisselle Bundchen or Naomi Campbell would wear that evening whilst all the men were carrying the soldier/rockstar vibe all throughout the show.

Now that this phase already literally made the brand blaze on its own trail, Philippine Fashion Week will now witness an INVASION... with PENSHOPPE's newest endorser Mario Maurer!

For those who would like to see a glimpse of the show here's a rundown on what happened inside the Hall 2 of SMX Convention Center. Are you ready for INVASION?

The stage itself was a delight to see. It was a three tiered metal platform that had LED monitors showing various images of the models while on the runway. Classy!

Their Spring/Summer collection didn't shy away from Earth tones. I saw dark blues, grays, browns, khakis, whites... it was reminiscent of Banana Republic but wayyyy better. This ain't no hunting clothes! :)

From nice airy gray tops to light breezy jackets, they've got them all.
Those pants look cool too, very form fitting!

See how these gorgeous women make Mustard current worn with shorts, shirts underneath and blouses that spell S-O-P-H-I-S-T-I-C-A-T-E-D =)

Happy I saw this hunky Fil-Jap supahmodel strutting with a bright color blocking shirt + blue cardigan and blue short pants. It's a must try this season!

You can still look HOT with bright sunny colors as you can see. For those who have a smaller built, the shirts and turquoise short pants would be a perfect ensemble for walking and maybe yachting... now that's what you call living it up!

They've got relaxed jackets and didn't hold back on color. Bright and breezy, I think this really will be a hit for consumers who want that summer feel.

They've got ensembles of full dresses, from yellows, blues or oranges it introduces that season you really love!

It's the coats! Anything that you put in on top like a simple colorful short and add acid washed jeans spells GREAT in my books. It looks like we are in the 80's if this is making a come back but this is a very modern take. It's none of those stone washed stuff + baston cuts we used to see with our older brothers/sisters. Definitely something to get in their new store!

The jeans incorporated now in the jacket would be a little tacky if the cuts are too big or quite close to those OFW type ones. The design aesthetic of Penshoppe is classy and you get the best interpretations without suffering with something that other shops try to sell. It's stylish right from the get go!

Bolder colors, things that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe is just so good! I love the sleeved blue shirt too. Men tend to look a little younger carrying that. Can anybody get me one? =)

She's so hot in that number. It makes her shoes pop out. The jacket in the left didn't look too constraining because it gets better with the hoodie. You can probably wear this in semi formal functions or maybe just for going out in the evening. A short date or maybe going out with the boys, this is just perfect!

With colors you can definitely have a little strut going to clubs/bars with this. The red jacket with the hoodie looks just HOT! For those who have a great body, this form fitting knit wear would be nice for those who want a preppy demeanor every once in a while!

See how you can do the jacket with different shirt colors? That's what you call investment clothing. You can use it for different outfits and still stay perfect!

Wouldn't you want your boyfriend looking smart and dapper in this number? I love the sailor shirts too. You kinda keep that sailing vibe all throughout that sunny day!

See my point? =)

Now how about getting yourself some ANTM music while she does what she knows best on the runway. That's Claire Unabia, the first Filipino American to ever join America's Next Top Model, it was so regal... it was great and so high fashion. It's a dose of that ANTM spunk we usually see on TV... funny some didn't know who she was. I was actually mesmerized when she walked out. She's a class on her own and I'm glad PENSHOPPE got her on the show!

Girls shrieked at the sight of him too. VJ UTT is still HOT!

Mario Maurer for PENSHOPPE

When he walked out, or just even the video prelude that happened... it was pandemonium I tell you! A couple of decibels more and our ears would have imploded! Why not? He's the boy everybody was there for... and of course he's PENSHOPPE's new endorser Mario Maurer!

It's those small simple gestures that make him what he is that evening. Women would scream when he looks at them. He's the boy... he definitely is.

He took two passes on the runway to the delight of the audience. He's Mario Maurer and I can't wait for his video to be shown on TV soon. I guess they got some shots for PENSHOPPE's holiday ad. Ms. Pilar Tuason shot the stills for them... she's an excellent photographer who captures moments. I'm sure you'll love the photos soon!

He stood a couple of feet away from me. He was angelic. I get the point why people adore him. He was like too good looking and so GORGEOUS in person.

Now that's what they were screaming about. That little smile. Priceless.

Now how can anyone get over him.
It looks like he had a lot of fun too in the show!

I saw some people almost faint when he waved like this.
You have PENSHOPPE and ABC Inc. to thank by bringing him into Philippine shores.


VJ UTT was there too. Sad that floods happened to their country.
But glad that they are here for PENSHOPPE!

He obliged everyone by looking at everyone who called his name.
He's such a nice man! I actually was a foot away from him after the show... and that was a moment I'll probably never tell anyone... oh wait I told you the whole show already LOL!

I'd like to take this bit and thank PENSHOPPE for everything. For what it's worth I hope you guys enjoy this article as much as I did writing about it. Mario Maurer fans, you should be proud that he's doing a good job of being the endorser of this world class brand!

Hunky model from New York flew straight to the Philippines and did this bit at the end of the show. He was good I tell you! Congratulations PENSHOPPE!

Mario Maurer will also be doing a movie with Erich Gonzales come early 2012. You'll also see new photos this Christmas! Watch out for that!

For those who didn't get to see the show, I hope this article made you feel like you were there. Thank you PENSHOPPE!

Until the next show!



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