Arghh! I Found GOLD in the Philippines! Captain Morgan That Is!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do you have fun when it's Wednesday?! I don't know really so this one was kind of an eye opener for me. I haven't met someone who would go the extra mile to get you to have some fun... I found this in an island...

It must have been abandoned by a pirate or something. I'm not so sure. I was still looking for the party when he suddenly appeared!

He was about 6'3 towering over all of us... quite a presence and you know what he did? He asked us to open the treasure chest and out comes this!

Yes ladies and germs! It's Captain Morgan! Captain Morgan himself ordered us to have some FUN! And that's what I plan to do on a Wednesday night... this night has just gotten better!

Then she got me some... now that looks like I'm going to have some FUN!

Honestly, I haven't heard of Captain Morgan... Nor have I ever tasted it yet... So you probably can call me a VIRGIN with this Original Spiced Rum!

So I grabbed a bottle of Captain Morgan... grabbed a glass... and got to taste this awesome party starter!

And oh boy did we party hard at that table! Now that is how you make yourself happy on Wednesdays!

And shiver me timbers I've found some beautiful people too!


Now isn't that quite a nice way of spending the night?! Isn't that a ton and a half of FUN? That's exactly why you should get CAPTAIN MORGAN the Original Spiced Rum! Arguably the newest, freshest bottle you can find at your local winery and stores! There's a bit of a knack in finding one that's smooth and NO HANGOVERS the next day... I'm notorious in getting that but after this party, it was all good! I love being a pirate for one night! I'm really looking forward to more!

Now it's your turn to find that treasure chest and get some fun over a bottle or more of CAPTAIN MORGAN Original Spiced Rum!


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