Of Phones and Vacations!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hi guys! I just came back from a fabulous vacation in the south and enjoyed every bit of it. I didn't like getting disconnected from the world so I did carry with me my Blackberry. It definitely fits my lifestyle and gets me saved from the stress of having to carry around a huge laptop just to check my mail. I was a little worried though because we had to go to a lot of places and the wear and tear from doing that is quite a lot for my phone. I was looking for a cell phone case that can do the job and glad that I have seen several that fit my taste. I didn't have to look around that much because everything was organized. I love how much variety they have and got myself a couple so I could switch around from plain ones to Playboy inspired cases. It's really nice to see people complement my phone and be envied just by having it. It's quite a culture in my part of the world to match things like these with friends and family so I'd probably have to get them the same soon. I wonder if they have money now so I'd buy them something just like mine soon.

My phone is my companion to some of the greatest travels I have ever been. I am able to share anything that I want in my social networks and my friends get to see what I am seeing. That's the reason why I take care of it. This is why I wanted to have a cell phone case for Blackberry early so I would be able to prevent scratches and bumps from everyday activities. It's the best thing I could do for something that saved me from a lot of trouble these past few months. I'm glad it goes beyond than just being a phone. It's a different lifestyle I'm trying to follow and I'm happy I have this with me.

Do you take care of your phone too? Let me know!


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Leah said...

I don't have any BB or iPhone.. My trusted phone is a Nokia and an LG, and yeah, I do take care of them. :) I'm not really fond of phones, but I carry them with me all the time, just in case of emergencies..

Wow.. That's a great shot. Seems like you had tons of fun! First class, I suppose.. :P