Acoustic Essentials: Angela Sings James Taylor, Michael Learns To Rock!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I've been listening to her CD these past few days and honestly I haven't seen this particular artist yet nor have I interviewed her. The album itself didn't contain her photos so I was wondering if this was really meant to be this way. I got her "Acoustic Essentials: Angela Sings James Taylor" and the other one "Acoustic Essentials: Angela Sings Michael Learns To Rock". Both of these artists are classics and I am very familiar of their songs; I wonder how she'll be able to do this since the songs are pretty good even without re-interpreting the original. 

frametastic (1)

I was surprised to hear this for the first time. She's got spunk and the voice is so angelic. No wonder the monicker! My current favorite on this first one is "If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight". Although she didn't veer away that much from the way James Taylor sings this, it makes a refreshing and more dreamy way of doing this.You kinda get caught in the middle of just enjoying it and keeping your eyes closed setting the mood to relax and off to a good slumber. Here's some of the other songs in the album:

1 How Sweet It Is
2 You've Got A Friend
3 Fire and Rain
4 Wondering
5 Shower The People
6 Your Smiling Face
7 Sweet Baby James
8 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
9 Handyman
10 If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight
11 Something in The Way She Moves
12 Carolina On My Mind

The other album which contains "Michael Learns To Rock" covers is sublime! For those who loved their songs from a couple of years ago, this is definitely a "Must Buy". It really feels different to hear these songs come from a female because as you know the male take on this was kinda romantic. Since she sounds so angelic the difference just makes this a tad better. Not to undermine the original it just sounds clean and crisp when you do this on an unplugged state. 


If there's something to take note of on this album, it's the single "I'm Gonna Be Around". You can really feel that she's going to be there. The emotions were evidently showing on each track but I loved this one better. I guess to each his own. You kinda get the favorite songs you connect with. Believe me, it's quite easy to do that with her voice. She's done this so good. You have the choice to love more on this album's 12 tracks. Do you find anything that you fancy?!

1 25 Minutes
2 Out of the Blue
3 That's Why You Go Away
4 Paint My Love
5 The Actor
6 Sleeping Child
7 Breaking My Heart
8 How Many Hours
9 I'm Gonna Be Around
10 Nothing To Lose
11 You Took My Heart Away
12 Someday

For those who would like me to choose the better one between the two, I'd go for the James Taylor. Though it would really be a more moving experience if you got both CD's on your car. You'll feel definitely better because its worth collecting. On a Sunday afternoon, where you just want to chill and lie down on a hammock whilst sipping on your tropical punch laced with an umbrella on the side this is the perfect accompaniment for that. I wish I could meet the artist behind this album and ask her about the song choices because I feel her.

You can get these albums on your favorite record bars. This is also released in the Philippines by Polyeast Records. 

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el toro bumingo said...

Loves ko ang MLTR :)

Paolo Torres said...

nice! i love her singing!

KUMAGCOW said...

Me too ^_^ I still have her CD on my van

Lenny Winartha said...

upload it to internet please. noone sell it in Indonesia. really apriciate if you upload it (flac version)

Andi said...

It is now.
I've just bought the MLTR album at Mall Klp Gading,
Forgot which store is it, but they had the MLTR & the Queen album..
Didn't see the James Taylor one though...

KUMAGCOW said...

That's awesome! Do they have the same lineup of songs?