Electrolux: Wokaholic Kitchen Superstar Rosarie Penaflor

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hey guys! I made a friend yesterday. Meet Rosarie Penaflor.

As you can see on the video, she's vying for the next Electrolux Wokaholic Superstar. Now when she'll be doing for the next few rounds I'll be the one to cook with her. She's bubbly and so enthusiastic in person and we kinda were paired because of that. (Yes unfortunately I'm that fun to be with too haha) and what makes me impressed the most is that she's also like YOU and ME. We cook with the same reasons, we do it for family and friends. The thought of me cooking in the competition honestly scares me a little but I want to also do it because I'll be helping a new friend in the process. Wouldn't that be nice to start off a friendship?

Rosarie Penaflor or Ria as what most of friends call her is a mother of 2 and very happily married. This is actually her first time to ever join a contest and she's loving it! She loves reading, surfing the Internet to get the latest recipes off sites and videos. She doesn't have a favorite dish in particular but just as long as it's good then it would be LOVE! These days she's gearing more into Mongolian, Korean and Chinese. She's not that picky but shys away from sweets and salty food because she's on a diet (just like me haha).

I don't really ask for favors that much these days, but can I have your help in this one? It's also going to get you some prizes if your name gets picked so you kinda know the drill.

Please go to this link first and fill up the form provided, then hit SUBMIT.


Then after that hit the BACK button on your browser so you can also LIKE ROSARIE PENAFLOR's NAME there.

For those who would not be LIKING her on the application, (Magingat sa trak paglabas ng bahay nyo!) or better yet you will become Ice Cream! (Yung friend ko kanina naging UBE sya!) hahahah.

So can I expect you guys to help me? Puhleaaaase?! :)

Thank you so much!

The Judges Chef Bruce Lim, Chef Jonathan Bautista and Chef Rosebud Benitez


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el toro bumingo said...

Ang pogi mo idol. Gwapo ng iyong bird este beard. Sabi na nga ba, Nikon photographer ka :)