Celebrating 100 Years and More: Sharp!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It was always quite an amazing feeling to see how much we've improved over the years. With the era of fast cars, better airplanes, larger or even grander TV's we can only marvel at these technologies and wonder how these things came about. I might have no fetish with airplanes and cars but the TV has been my buddy since I was a kid. Case in point is this particular model of  SHARP TV. When I was a kid and played console games I was actually using a vintage black and white TV and it just didn't really made sense to do that back then when all the games we played were in color. Mom and Dad brought something like this model and got it hooked up with a pretty huge antenna so we can have more local TV stations covered. 

Our neighbors even went to our home and watched TV from outside. Honestly, this was a luxury at that time but we were just lucky to have one early on. It lasted a couple of years and for what its worth it has served us well. The purchase was worth it and if it weren't for the thunderstorm/lightning that struck our house at that time this particular TV would have managed to still work. The craftsmanship is impeccable and nobody in the right mind would have said otherwise. I loved our first color TV and kept it a few more years because I felt people from this side of the world can still fix that. If it weren't for Mom telling me to get a new one I would have still opted for that small guy since it fit perfectly in my room. I even remember SHARP becoming one of my technical pencils in college; and they gave me good grades in that too!

Did you know that SHARP is celebrating its 100th year? No joke! I didn't even know that its been that long. Reading off the history of the company it started September 15, 1912 when Mr Tokuji Hayakawa established a small metal work shop in Tokyo, Japan. He was young back then and even at that age he was able to harness a variety of patents and got the ball rolling to make the brand one of the most distinguished technologically adept companies in the whole world! Now in this momentous occasion, how do we celebrate with Sharp 100 Years? Well that's easy! You can simply join this contest which SHARP is doing for those who would like to celebrate their anniversary with them. 

Just go to https://share.sharp100years.com/ and simply post your own anniversary photos or videos. Wouldn't you want to have a trip to the US West Coast and more? Do you know that your entry can also be made into a film? That's exactly what they are going to do if you are chosen as the Anniversary Share II Winner from SHARP. They've got our country included and since we've been one of the world's best sources for photographers/videographers this would be so easy for us I'm sure of that!  

Because Anniversaries are worth celebrating with SHARP's 100 Years!

Since I'm a photographer too, I'll be sending my best photo in the contest. For my buddy photographers out there, are you up for a challenge? Then this is going to be worth the trip!Congratulations also to SHARP for your 100th Year! Sharp continues to improve the quality of people's lives through the years by using the best technology available and its commitment to make innovative products, maintain the quality of it but still think about environmental protection, its value and design. You deserve a few hundred more years in the business!

For more information about the SHARP contest

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Greet them also by using hashtag #Sharp100!



ZaiZai said...

wow happy anniv sharp! love the new header of your blog kumagcow, cant wait for the layout to be done, I'm sure it'll look great! :)

el toro bumingo said...

Is that your anniversary picture? :)

KUMAGCOW said...

 Well not mine but I took the photo hahah :))

John Bueno said...

@zai thank you so much! :)