INNOVATION WHITE: BigFish Manila's Annual White Party

Friday, June 29, 2012

I party a lot. But OH BOY did BigFish Manila change what my concept of parties is! I was able to attend this year's INNOVATION WHITE: BigFish Manila's Annual White Party with European superstar DJ's on the list. I loved it so much that it deserves some photos on my site so you guys can envy me a bit! Haha!

It rained white confetti and blue lights last night. It was so nice I felt nostalgic after the event. It was pure House and Trance that night which TOTALLY made me close my eyes a couple of times. I enjoy music when I do that. Best of all, I got to also ask some questions to these gorgeous people here!

The First Lady of Trance Ms. Emma Hewitt was so stunning and so beautiful! I even smiled when she came in. Only a few people can do that to me honestly. I switched #fanboy mode on. I love her and her music! She was so nice and said she was looking forward to work with the other DJ's there that evening. Her vocal prowess, her presence just light up the room and command the audience. She's got that quality and the guys just affirmed that. I was at awe staring at her from my seat. :)

Myon and Shane54. The powerful Hungarian super humans who make trance music like butter on toast. This duo of DJ/Producers can turn up the crowd whip up a tune and get them wild! I was able to witness part of their set and by my standards it was mind blowing. If I really had some place to be in Europe I'd probably frequent these guys gigs for sure!

Cosmic Gate gave me goosebumps. Imagine the venue shutting down some of their lights. Countdown ensues and then suddenly a whole storyboard, plus fireworks and tons of lights come streaming throughout the World Trade Center. It was so awesome! They played their previous hits and made some new mixes that evening. I lost my voice the next day because I was screaming along with thousands of people who LOVE their music! I will surely go and look them up when they are in the country. 

They were really a nice bunch of people. Thank you so much BigFish Manila for bringing these awesome talents to Philippine shores. I will surely go to the next Innovation White party. I heard the Black Party is next, now that's gonna be something to look forward to!

Here are some shots off the actual party. The crazy, talented BOBINA spinned first. It was like RUSSIA took over the Philippines in one go!

This was the part where I was telling you about Cosmic Gate a few paragraphs ago. Just look how awesome those lights are, it shone on us while clad all white!

Thank you so much to the gorgeous people behind Innovation White and BigFish Manila. You are THE one and only authority in throwing parties. Awesome world renowned DJ's in one place... a party that we surely could never forget! See you on the next one!

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